Planning a Valentine's Day themed wedding can be very exciting and thrilling. Go through the article to get some ideas on how to plan a valentine theme wedding.

Planning A Valentine's Day Themed Wedding

Planning to tie the knot on February 14th? Valentine's Day has been a popular choice of couples, as their wedding date, since times immemorial. After all, what can be a better option than to promise and swear eternal love on the day dedicated to love? If you are also having your wedding on this special day, the theme would automatically be that of Valentine's Day. Lots of red, pinks and white must adore the occasion and make it special for not only the couple getting married, but also for the guests attending the wedding. Let everything reflect the ecstasy of romance and love. In the following lines, we have provided tips on planning a Valentine's Day themed wedding.
How To Plan A Valentine Theme Wedding
Invites form the first impression of a wedding ceremony. If your wedding is taking place on Valentine's Day, there should be no confusion about the theme. Look for heart-shaped invitations or those with a Cupid theme. Make sure that the card centers on red, pink and white colors and has a ribbon attached to it. Remember, invites would add an intrinsic value to your wedding party, so they should be artistically done.  
Decorations add to the essence of a party, making it creatively appealing. For a Valentine's Day themed wedding, red, pink and white ribbons, gauzy fabrics, and heart-shaped cutouts are the best bet. Enhance the glory of the occasion by filling the venue with balloons that reflect the nature of the party. Spice up the decorations with soft lighting, use lots of scented candle and soft light emitting bulbs for the purpose. 
Music would surely prove to be an added bonus for a Valentine's Day wedding ceremony. Make sure you record soft numbers and love tracks on a CD, in advance. If you are thinking of throwing a DJ party at the end of the ceremony, let the jockey know what kind of music you want. In case you want a live performance, book the musicians and singer much in advance, letting them know of the kind of music you want.
Food is the determiner of a wedding ceremony. While your wedding revolves around Valentine's Day, why not have food items that complement the occasion? Cake, especially in heart shape, is an indispensable option. Have it topped in white, red or pink cream, with strawberries and cherries all around. As for drinks, red wine would be the best bet. Make sure that the food stuff you chose also includes some of the favorites of the newly-married couple.
Classic is the most savored look for a wedding based on Valentine's Day theme. While black tuxedo is the best bet for the groom, the bride can opt for a white dress with red accents or a dress completely in red. The hair should be done accordingly. The dress for the bridesmaids and groomsmen also form an important choice. While the former can wear dresses in varying shades of pink and red, the latter can go for suits with red ties, along with red and pink boutonnières.
Favors are an important part of the wedding ceremony. They serve as the best way to thank the guests for their esteemed presence. You can arrange for special Valentine's Day blessing for the married couple, along with a 'couple' gift. As for the singles, you can give them tiny, heart-shaped boxes of candy. All the favors should have a note saying 'Thank you for being our Valentines'.

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