One of the simplest methods of making slime is to use cornstarch as the main ingredient. Go through this recipe and learn how to make homemade slime for kids.

How To Make Slime For Kids

Slime, in actual, is a thick and slippery substance that is very popular in Halloween parties. Children simply love to play with slime, although the material looks very disgusting. It presents a fun play for kids and keeps them occupied for the day. The ingredients for this ghoulish material, slime, can vary from craft glue to borax to cornstarch. The simplest method for making homemade slime is to use cornstarch as the main ingredient. The illusion of wetness, in the dry material (cornstarch), can be brought about by mixing the right quantity of water. With easy recipes given in this article, you will able to know how to make slime for kids, without much fuss. Though it is non- toxic, yet it is advised to strictly warn the kids against tasting it.
Making Homemade Slime
Recipe 1
Materials Needed
  • 2 cups Cornstarch
  • 1 cup Water
  • Food Color
  • Sauce Pan
  • Large Bowl
  • Sealable Plastic Bag 
  • Heat water in a saucepan. Make sure that the water is only warm, not boiling. You will find it easy to work with warm water.
  • Pour the warm water into a large bowl and add few drops of food coloring to it. The commonly used color for slime is green. To make it look even more disgusting, mix in red food color as well.
  • Blend the food color into the water, by mixing it well. The water should be one shade darker than the color of slime you want, because cornstarch tends to lighten the color.
  • Slowly add cornstarch to the colored water. Mix the starch in water thoroughly, using your fingers. Blend it well, until it becomes a thick and smooth paste.
  • The final cornstarch mixture should neither be too watery, nor too dry. It should be wet enough to drip through your fingers, but dry to touch. If you do not reach the right consistency, add more water or cornstarch.
  • Your homemade slime is ready! Make sure to preserve it in a sealable plastic bag. 
Recipe 2 
  • Materials Needed
  • 120 ml White Glue
  • 360 ml Water
  • Jar
  • Borax Powder
  • Food Color
  • Measuring Cup
  • Teaspoon
  • A Bowl 
  • Begin with pouring water and white glue in the jar in equal amounts and keep it aside.
  • Now, take a bowl, add water to 1 tsp borax powder, and mix well.
  • In the same bowl, slowly add glue and water mixture and stir it constantly, so that it mixes well.
  • Work it in your hands until it feels dry; the more it is worked upon, lesser will be the stickiness. Your slime is ready.
  • Store it in a plastic container in refrigerator. 
  • Whether the slime is toxic or not, do not let the kids taste it and warn them against it.
  • Keep the slime in a closed container while storing it, so that no food material goes in it accidentally.
  • Ask the kids to wear their old clothes while playing with the slime, so that it does not stain their new clothes.

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