If winter is your favorite time of the year, make it more special by planning your wedding in the beautiful season. Here are some tips to help you know how to plan a winter wedding.

Planning A Winter Wedding

If you have been enchanted with fairy tales from the childhood, why not convert your wedding into one? How? By planning a winter wedding! The pristine snow, the gleaming stars, the blue sky, the mystical aura, the festive mood - all of this would add a surreal touch to your wedding and make it all the more special. A winter wedding can be made extremely romantic and magical; all you have to do is just keep in mind certain basic aspects. Want to know more? Go through the following lines and explore ideas on planning a winter wedding.
How To Plan A Winter Wedding
Although a winter wedding is generally held indoors, like banquet hall or church, you can set your wedding outdoors as well, amidst the beautiful ambience of immaculate white snow and sparkling stars. The most important thing for an outdoor setting will be the heat arrangement. Arrange for heaters keeping in mind the number of guests. Keep a weather check, as you may need tent in case of snowfall. It’s always good to have a backup. Keep the surrounding warm and enjoy your wedding.
When you plan a theme for your wedding, it you have to coordinate everything else according to it, right from colors to decorations to invitations. As winter is the festive season, choose the theme accordingly. Some of the very common examples are snowflakes and winter wonderland. For a Christmas wedding, you can use the Santa Claus theme i.e. contrast the red and white hues. For the winter wonderland theme, give the aura, a mystical appearance. For snowflakes theme, all you have to do is incorporate crystal or jeweled snowflakes in your arrangement.
If there is a theme for the wedding, decorations will be done accordingly. In terms of flowers, go for red roses, amaryllis, cymbidium orchids, tulips, daffodils, etc. If you don’t want to go for fresh flowers, silk flowers will make a good option. You can banish the coldness by incorporating bright colored flowers. You can also use all white to create an illusion of snow. For outside wedding, lights and candles will be a good option. Give the centerpieces an elegant silver snowflakes theme or use a snowman theme for your centerpieces!
Plan a holiday treat or anything that is nostalgic of your childhood winter holidays. Consider incorporating hot drinks, like hot chocolates, as special treats. You can add a variety of rich foods, but do make sure to serve common winter delicacies too. You can ever serve comfort food, like macaroni and cheese. Add spiced wine to the menu, to keep your guests warm. For the wedding cake, consider a snow white cake with a snowflake themed topping or even a winter village theme.
Express your gratitude towards your guests by gifting them a scented candle wrapped in silver tulle as a souvenir. Packets of cocoa, fresh coffee beans or tea also make great options for winter wedding favors. You can even gift Santa or Snowman shaped chocolates, secured with a satin ribbon, to your guests.
Winter wedding is an excuse to wear the heaviest dress you want. Opt for luxurious fabrics, like satin or velvet, with long sleeves. To keep you warm, consider using a cashmere cape or stole. For colors, you can go with the theme or have a plain snow white gown. Do include gloves in your ensemble. For the bridesmaids, choose dresses that keep them warm, probably in rich colors. Add faux pas fur jackets or stole or even velvet coats to their ensemble. For men, nice dark suits will be an excellent option.

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