Throwing a bridal shower is mostly the onus of the maid of honor, who is assisted in the task by the bridesmaids. Read on to know how to throw a bridal shower.

How To Throw A Bridal Shower

Bridal shower, one of the last celebrations of the would-be bride as a single woman, is usually thrown by the maid of honor, assisted by the other bridesmaids. Initially, the main aim of the shower was to let the guests bring gifts for the bride, helping build her dowry. However, today, it is more of a celebration of the soon-to-be-ending single days of the bride. Though arranging the bridal shower might seem to be a daunting task, a little organization and some great planning can go a long way in making it special for the bride. In case you need any help, go through the following lines and know how to throw a bridal shower.
Throwing A Bridal Shower
Get Down To The Basics
Let us get down to the basics first! Around a month or two before the wedding is the perfect time to organize the bridal shower. However, it is always better to consult the bride about the date that she would be most comfortable with, unless and until it is a surprise. Now, get together with the bridesmaid and have an idea about the overall budget, as it would decide the location as well as type of the party and even the number of people that can be invited.
Prepare Guest List & Send Invitations
After you have arrived at a basic idea about the whole bridal shower, it is the time to prepare the guest list. While doing this, make sure to ask the bride about all the people she would like to invite, along with their phone numbers and address. At the same time, include the entire bridal party, including mothers of the bride and groom as well as bridesmaids, to the party. The invitations, be it by post, through phone or online, should be sent 2-3 weeks before the party.
Select The Menu
Food and drinks form the most important aspect of any party and the same holds true for bridal shower as well. While deciding about the same, keep the nature of the party in mind - lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. It is better to have a breakdown of the entire menu and get a complete list of the items that you will need to buy. In case the shower is being arranged at home, decide whether the food will be made at home or ordered from outside.
Choose The Theme
Whether you want to throw a themed bridal shower or not is entirely your choice. In case you plan to go for one, incorporate it into every aspect of the party, right from the invitation to the decorations and even the menu. You can also base the theme in a way that gives the guests an idea about the gifts, such as 'Kitchen Shower' or 'Lingerie Shower'. Do make sure to mention the theme in the invitation, along with the specific dress code, if any.
Plan The Games
One of the best ways to have fun at a bridal shower, and make sure that everyone enjoys to the limit, is to plan a lot of games. Though they are certainly not compulsory, games surely help break the ice, especially if all the guests do not know each other. You can get a lot of bridal shower game ideas, traditional as well as wild, from the internet. Do make sure to keep small gifts to be given as prizes to the winners.
Arrange The Favors
If your budget allows it, giving favors to the guests, as a mark of your appreciation for their presence at the shower, is a good idea. They need not be expensive, rather should serve as a memento of the party. So, you can get small knick-knacks, like key chains or coffee mugs, engraved with the name of the bride, along with the date of the bridal shower as well as the wedding. You can also go for vases, chocolates, candy boxes and even photo frames.

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