Don't let bridal shower favors burn a hole in your pocket. Read the article below to know about cheap yet thoughtful bridal shower favors.

Cheap Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

If you have ever attended a bridal shower, in all probability you would have left with some kind of return gift, popularly known as a bridal shower favor. The bridal shower favor is a gift from the bride to all the guests as a token of her appreciation for their good wishes and attendance. They also serve guests as a reminder of the event long after. However, things can be quite tricky if you are the one responsible for picking out these favors. After all the expenses incurred in making impeccable arrangements for the event itself, you are more than likely to be at your wits’ end when it finally comes to deciding the favors.
Zeroing in on the perfect favor that is neither cruel on your wallet nor flimsy in value takes some effort. And since there are umpteen ideas to pick from, right from champagne glasses to personalized favors with the couple’s name etched on it, a little bit of thoughtful planning will help immensely. If interesting ideas is what you need, then read on to know what cheap bridal shower favors can still serve as memorable keepsakes for your guests.
Inexpensive Bridal Shower Favors
  • You can give guests a miniature photo album that also suits your budget. You can also decorate and personalize it by placing a few photographs of the event in it, if you like.
  • Key chains make interesting bridal shower favors. They are available in a variety of designs, styles and colors. You can also personalize the key chains creatively.
  • You can also give manicure bags as favors. Place the necessary manicure paraphernalia into a pretty bag which you can then embellish with ribbons.
  • By gifting colored paper hand fans, your guests will have something to cool off with in blustery weather, especially if the bridal shower ceremony is held indoors. You can decorate the fan with personalized graphics, ribbons or other tasteful trim.
  • Disposable cameras have proved to be popular low-cost bridal shower favor gifts. They come in interesting styles and colors. This way your guests can also take some memorable snaps.
  • You can opt for handcrafted wooden roses which are an affordable and longer-lasting alternative to real roses. You can offer these individually to guests as an impressive token of your gratitude.
  • A photo frame with a personalized message in it can be a great way of making the occasion memorable. Photo frames come in a wide range of colors and designs. Your guests can use these to insert either a photo from your wedding into it, or some other photograph.
  • You can also present miniature bottles of liquor. Ensure that your minor guests are gifted separate favors. Printed cards proposing a toast can be attached to the liquor bottles.

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