The maid of honour has an important role of assisting the bride during her wedding. Explore this article to learn more about gifts that can be presented to her.

Maid Of Honour Gifts

A wedding is a very hectic time for any family and more so for the bride and the bridegroom. There is a lot of planning to be done and arrangements to be made. The brides usually choose a few of her friends (usually young and unmarried) to help her organise and plan. Traditionally, the bridesmaids were selected from among the bride’s sisters. In those days it was a matter of status to have many bridesmaids. The bridesmaids would be provided with a dress and if a luncheon was hosted in their honour then it was paid for by the bride. These days the bridesmaids help the bride by arranging the bridal showers, bachelorette party and help her with anything else that she may need. Out of all the bridesmaids, the chief attendant, the bride’s best friend or a sister, is chosen to be the maid of honour. Nowadays the maid of honour is not compensated for the expenses she incurs while arranging the marriage. She is compensated in a different way and that is to present her with a nice gift(s). Read on to learn more about gifts that could prove to be dear to her.
Maid Of Honour Gift Ideas
Whenever we have to give someone a gift, it is always wise to be creative and unique. Here are some ideas to set you going if you don’t have any idea about what the other person might want as a gift.
A set of earrings with a matching necklace would be a good idea. The maid of honour can wear this to the church on the day of the wedding. Even a pendant or a bracelet with something engraved on it would make a good gift.
Jewellery Box
A jewellery box made out of wood with a poem or a personal message from the bride would make an excellent gift. This way, whenever the maid of honour gets ready for another party, she will read that message and remember how much her help was appreciated.
A Bag
Another useful gift would be a tote bag. You can have it personalised to bear the name of the maid of honour on it and get it in her favourite colour or pattern. The bag could also match her dress and allow her to use it to carry anything that might be needed at the church.
In case the wedding is at some exotic location, then gifting a voucher for a fun activity would make a nice gift. You can even gift her with vouchers for a collection of activities that you know she would enjoy!
To make the gift really personal, the ideal thing to do would be to gift the maid of honour an album of photos tracing the timeline of your life together. A photograph of the bride and the bridesmaids set in a personalised frame would be a thoughtful gift.

Indulge Them
If you have a very flexible budget then gifting the maid of honour with an assortment of cosmetics would be a great idea. The kit could include bath salts, skin care products with a complementary massage from a good parlour or spa! 

If all of the above gifts don’t appeal, you could get the maid of honour something that she really wants and has been planning on getting for some time. Always remember one thing, no matter what you get for her, make sure you put some thought into it as she is a very important person and deserves the best.

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