Are you the chosen maid of honor for your best friend’s wedding? If yes, then writing the bridesmaid speech would be your top concern. Read on to get tips for writing bridesmaid speech.

Bridesmaid Speeches

You can sing a song, say a poem and raise a toast to the bride or the couple’s future. Do whatever you wish to heighten the importance of the day, since you are the maid of honor or the bridesmaid, for your friend’s wedding. And it is your sole responsibility to convey all your thoughts and feelings in a cohesive manner to please the just-married couple as well as the gathered guests. There is no reason to panic, if you are worried about the speech. Even though a bridesmaid wedding speech can be a bit overwhelming, if you begin your preparation early and keep in accordance with certain guidelines, your speech is bound to become one of the highlights of the wedding ceremony. So, what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing and sit down to write a fine bridesmaid speech, keeping in mind the guidelines given below.
Tips For Writing Maid Of Honor Speech
  • Do not forget the basics while writing the bridesmaid speech. First and foremost, introduce yourself. Let the guests know as to how long have you known the couple and how are you related to the bride. Since your guests comprise of people other than the couple’s close relatives, this is a vital piece of information which needs to be passed on.
  • This should be followed by thanking the couple for allowing you to be a part of this ceremony and choosing you to be the maid of honor over everyone else. Let them know whole-heartedly how much you appreciate this kind act of theirs.
  • Then, move on to decide what kind of a speech you actually wish to write. If you are a fun-loving person, nothing like a funny bridesmaid speech can help lighten the atmosphere and make the wedding memorable in turn. Even, inspirational or motivational speeches can work well for the day.
  • The key to writing a funny bridesmaid speech is to remember that there exists a thin, fine line between pleasing and offending others. Humiliation of any kind is not called for. Moreover, your guests comprise of varied age-groups and in order to please them as a whole, your humor element should be something that would in sync with all the guests. Light-hearted jokes are the preferred choice.
  • While writing motivational or inspirational speeches, make sure you don’t turn too preachy or patronizing. Your speech should be more like a conversation and it shouldn’t seem like you are giving a lecture on how should the couple have a sweet married life.
  • Add a personal touch to the entire speech. Do not pick lines from elsewhere, especially the internet. Instead, pen in your own lines. The guests and the couple, in particular, would appreciate this extra effort made by you. Narrate few funny incidents of your and the bride’s growing years. You can spice up your speech by telling the crowd about what was the bride’s reaction when she saw the groom for the first time. You can also talk about some funny habit of the bride, which the groom would have to live with. Whatever you say, besides highlighting your special bond, it should also highlight the positive aspects of the bride’s personality. Talk about what major qualities in the bride drew the bride and groom together.
  • Be creative if you don’t want the usual hackneyed pattern. A song, dance and even a slide show tracing both the bride and the groom’s major milestones can be fun. You can also include poetry, verses or quotes to accentuate the entire effect. In order to play safe, let it preferably be a sentimental one, which speaks of everlasting love. However, whatever your choice of creative touch may be, remember to choose something which goes with the couple’s taste. After all, it is they who matter the most.
  • In order to avoid jitters and stammers, write your speech well in advance and practice it over and over again in front of the mirror. You can even carry a few note cards to help you stay in track throughout the event.
  • Let your speech not be a drag. Keep it short and crisp and should not exceed more than 5 minutes. Wind up your speech on a positive note by wishing the couple a long and happy married life.

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