Choosing gifts for the bridesmaid is not that easy as it has to be as special as she is to you on your big day. Read on for some unique gift ideas for bridesmaid.

Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

It is truly a pleasant sight to see a beautiful bride surrounded by her equally elegant bridesmaids walking down the aisle daintily along with her. When the bride is led to the altar to say those precious words ‘I Do’, not many, however, notice them. But the strength and support that they give the bride – while planning bridal showers, wearing matching dresses, reassuringly holding the usually nervous bride’s hand and being by her side throughout the ceremony - are just some of those indispensable and commendable services they offer in their role. This makes the role of a bridesmaid more than important for any marriage. Gone are those days when bridesmaids were given gifts not very different from the standard predictable ones. Unlike the keychain or pearl jewelry usually given earlier, every bridesmaid these days gets a gift more or less of her own choosing. Here are some ideas to make them unique.
Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
  • Many brides treat their maids with a day at spa before the wedding. However, if you plan something different, show her your gratitude by gifting her a spa pass to her favorite spa so that she can re-energize herself there, if possible, in your company all over again!
  • Most women appreciate an elegant piece of jewelry gifted to them. If money is not a problem and your bridesmaid’s choice is important to you, then nothing else makes for a better thank-you gift.
  • If your bridesmaid is a shopaholic, and you hardly know her likes and dislikes, give her gift coupons to help her on a shopping binge. If you want to make it special, accompany her so that you can go down memory lane together again.
  • If your bridesmaid happens to be an ardent reader, a first edition copy of her favorite novel will be a classy gift.
  • A ticket to a musical or theater will also be apt for a friend special enough to have been your bridesmaid, especially if she is keen on the arts and music.
  • Nothing can impress your sports loving bridesmaid more than a ticket to her favorite game.
  • How about a small purse sized camera for your bridesmaid to capture the finest moments of her life with?
  • A fine piece of artwork is bound to thrill an aesthetically inclined bridesmaid.
  • A designer make-up bag, of course with the necessary goodies inside, is a nice way to please a bridesmaid careful with her grooming.
  • You can add a personal touch to your bridesmaid’s gift by having her jewelry custom-made.
  • A photo album with a hand-picked collection of photos from the past can also make a wonderful gift for a special bridesmaid.
  • You can choose from a variety of other gifts like candles, perfumes or hand painted mugs, all of which will show your thoughtfulness.
  • If your bridesmaid is a fitness-freak, exercise gear would be just the thing to gift.
  • For a bridesmaid who’s a known foodie, a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant should really make the day for her.
  • If she admires your cooking, throw a get-together bash at home one evening with treats from your kitchen.
  • For an outdoorsy bridesmaid, a travel kit makes a good gift.
  • Wine glasses and bottles of the bubbly, both make for excellent gift ideas, too.

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