Homemade graduation gift is a great way to show your appreciation to the new graduate. Go through the article, to get some ideas for unique handmade graduation gifts.

Homemade Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is one of the grandest ceremonies in the life of a graduate. It marks the entrance into a new phase of life. The day is momentous for every adult, as it gives way to achieve all the dreams that one wished for. While a party is inevitable on such a grand event, giving gifts to the newly graduates also cannot be missed. Gifts have a dual effect — they make both the giver and the receiver happy. With increasing commercialization, getting gifts from a store has become a common phenomenon. To be different, opt for homemade graduation gift for your loved one and surprise him/her with your efforts. In the following lines, we have provided unique handmade graduation gift ideas, just for you.
Unique Handmade Graduation Gift Ideas
Graduation Scrapbook
Graduation scrapbook tops the list, when it comes to homemade graduation gift ideas. In it, you can add pictures of the college, friends, some trips you made, etc. Spice it up with graduation quotes and create a scrapbook that would have all the fond memories of the college/university life. Make it interesting by sticking fall leaves from the campus, library receipts or portions of assignment/test papers. 
University/College Theme Gifts
College life is said to be the most cherished and treasured period of a person's life. Even after years of college life, you get nostalgic about college days and minute things related to it. To immortalize the college life, use the university logo or the trademark university colors in the gifts. You can knit a sweater or stitch a quilt using the university colors and the logo. A muffler with the college logo would also serve as a good option.
Gift Basket
Gift baskets enhance the celebration mood of any festival. For a handmade graduation gift idea, gift baskets with an assortment of small things can be the most valuable gift. For friends who are planning to study ahead, prepare the basket keeping in mind their needs and requirements. For those who are planning to enter the corporate world, planners, organizers and accessories would be the ideal contents.
Photo Book
Personalized keepsake albums are all the rage and make excellent graduation gift. Construct an exclusive photo book, which would be filled with photographs right from the first year of college till the last year. Introduce in it all the functions and ceremonies, the late night pajama parties, classroom fun, exciting trips, etc. You can also make a collage out of it if you do not have sufficient photographs for the album.
Personalized T-Shirt
Hand painted T-shirts can be another innovative idea for homemade graduation gifts. You can either paint a symbolic picture or have a motivational quote. Apart from being impressive, it would also be pocket friendly and an excellent memoir. Make sure that the color of the t-shirt is your friend's favorite. 

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