Kindergarten graduation party is a nice way to acknowledge the achievement of the little ones. Explore the ideas given here and learn all about planning a kindergarten graduation party.

Kindergarten Graduation Ideas

The best way to mark the end of kindergarten is to throw a graduation party for the little ones, who are looking forward to enroll themselves into a grade school. The party will be a thrilling experience for the pre-school kids, who would receive their 'diploma' in front of their family and friends, by wearing the traditional graduation caps and gowns. If you are planning to arrange such a party, you need to bring in the element of joy and fun to the occasion. Check out the ideas given below for organizing a kindergarten graduation party, listed just for you!
Planning Kindergarten Graduation Party 
  • Make a list of the basic things required for the kindergarten graduationparty. This will include the venue, invitations, guests' list, caterer booking, photographer booking, food, games, activities and decorations. Remember, your budget will determine the lavishness of the party.
  • Although a kindergarten party is generally kept simple, it needs to be well organized. So, make sure that you have the budget sufficient for including all the basic things required for organizing the event.
  • An important thing of the party is the graduation cap and gown set. You may arrange for the attire for all kids or ask other parents to purchase the cap and gown set for their children. Whatever the decision is, you should assign a single color for the outfit.
  • Choose a venue for the party. Such a party is usually organized at the kindergarten school. However, you can opt for arranging it at your home, a banquet hall or community center. Make sure that the venue is spacious enough to accommodate all the guests
  • Send out attractive invitations to guests. Mention the date, time and venue of the party. The invitation should be attractive. Make use of a funny font. Keep the language simple and casual. You may either deliver the invitations by hand, or send them, one month prior to the party, via courier.
  • Consider the decorations that you are going to use in the venue. Make the venue look colorful and bright. Use confetti, balloons and streamers to decorate the place. The artwork of kids will make brilliant decorative item for the party. Choose some of the best drawings made by the children and hang them all over the venue.
  • Since kids enjoy simple and light foods, include snacks and refreshments in the menu. You may choose mini pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches, cheese cubes, salted peanuts, raisins, ice cream, cakes and fruit bowls as the food for the party. Children usually eat less, so make sure to serve the food in small plates.
  • Kindergarten graduation party is incomplete without fun games and activities in it. Arrange interesting activities, such as drawing and craft making competitions. Organize interactive games, which require the active participation of all the kids present there. You may opt for the very popular games, like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' and 'Pass The Parcel'. Assign attractive prizes for the winners of the games as well.
  • At the end of the party, when the guests are about to depart, provide the kids with favors. You can fill up paper bags with candy bars, notepad, paper, a soft toy and small cake packets, and give it to the little ones.

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