College graduation party needs to be planned meticulously to make it special. Check out some unique ideas for college graduation party.

College Graduation Party Ideas

College life is a memorable phase for everyone and holds a special place in one’s heart. Sitting for hours together in the cafeteria, bunking classes, exchanging notes a day before exams and making friends who last for a lifetime; these are some of the best memories that a person has of his college life. In order to make sure that it ends on a special note, it calls for a spectacular graduation party! Calling up your friends and enjoying with them one last time, before life takes everyone on their way, is something every person must do. Not only is it fun, it will be something will be cherished and spoken about throughout your life. So if you also want to get on with good memories of your college life, check out these unique ideas for college graduation party.
Pick Your Theme
It may seem a bit of a task to zero in on a theme, but believe me; it makes things easier later on. Your theme need not be anything elaborate, it could be your favorite color or a special memory that you and your friends cherish. In case your party coincides with the holiday season, it makes it all the more simple to decide on a theme. You may also go in for casual theme like beach wear or a formal theme like a DJ (dinner jacket) party. Else, you may go in for something simple like an afternoon tea party.
Now that you have zeroed in on a theme, it is easy to pick the invitation of your choice. Pick the invitation card design according to the theme you have selected. If the theme is a particular color like blue or a combination like black and white, the invitation will also have the same colors. In case of a single color, go in for different tones of the same color, while for combinations; add sheen to make it appear more dramatic. If your theme is something casual like beach wear, add appropriate clip-art like sea shells, waves, starfish, etc. in the invitation. Mention the venue, date and time and also what your theme is. Also mention if it will be a lunch or dinner party or just snacks would be served.
Your décor will also revolve around your theme. Go in for balloons, buntings and streamers of different colors. You may go in for casual chairs and the couch can be done up with bright cushions. Get a centerpiece like a piñata or a big poster where your friends can sign, pin up their special photos and make it a cherished memoir. You can put up clip-art and graffiti or prepare a huge banner that reads ‘Congratulations!’ or ‘The Graduates!’. Put on your thinking caps and get creative!
The food can be simple but has to be adequate for all those who are going to be invited. Remember one very important rule in mind - it doesn’t matter if the food is left over, it should never fall short. You can include lot of finger foods and junk food like sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, smoked salmon, fruit tarts, French fries, etc. Have varieties of drinks like lemonades, ginger ale, fizzy soft drinks, mocktails, etc. If it is a lunch or dinner, plan and prepare a four course meal, with appetizers, main course, condiments and the dessert.
This and That!
Music is a must in any party, so make sure you get a DJ to play. If you can find one, burn a CD and load all racy numbers and play it on your music system. In case you have friends that play in a band, call them over for a live performance. Your attire should be according to your theme. It is fun to dress up according to a theme and even more fun when you see what your friends are wearing.

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