Christmas college party requires effective planning, so that everyone can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Check out this article to find some ideas for hosting a Christmas college party.

Christmas College Party

Christmas holidays are enjoyed with full fun and style. They pose as the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities with friends! Organizing a Christmas college party is a perfect idea for meeting and mingling with friends and other teens. What better way other than in the company of friends can it be to sign off the previous year and welcome the coming year! Celebrating and reliving some cherished memories of those days gone by in the company of your friends is one of the most exciting and fascinating ideas and a great way to enjoy the festival. A college Christmas party is all about cool people, cool environment, cool food and cool drinks. Thus, to bring out the real cool effect, the party must be rocking enough to keep the college-goers involved. This requires some planning and organizing on your part to arrange a great Christmas party. Read through the following lines to know some thrilling ideas to set your Christmas college party on fire.
Christmas College Party Ideas
Select a theme that will form the core of your Christmas party. Since it is a college party, you will mostly have teenagers and friends attending it. You can choose themes centering on Christmas songs, such as ‘White Christmas’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Let it Snow’, ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’, or ‘Silver Bells’. The colors of your party will boast of Christmas holidays, like red and green, silver and white, blue and white, white and gold, and so on. You can also opt for a black and white Christmas party. In this case, ask your guests to wear black and white attires while setting the background in red. For a silly themed party, let everyone dress up in holiday costumes, hats, and accessories.
Once you are through with your Christmas party theme, it is time to proceed with decorating your venue. For instance, if you have chosen ‘Winter Wonderland’ as your theme, fill up the ballroom or dance hall with white Christmas trees, lots of silver and white balloons hanging from the ceilings and lying on the floor, and adorn the entire set-up with winter-white twinkling lights. However, make sure to choose either a formal or fun decoration. Mixing the two will divide the room into two different environments. Lighting is one of the most important elements in Christmas party decorations. You can buy, borrow or even rent mini Christmas lights to brighten up your room.
There is no excitement or enjoyment unless a party offers fun-filled activities. You can hire a DJ and ask him to organize activities for the youngsters related to songs being played, such as limbo, The Casper Slide, the Macarena, and others. Set up an arch or Christmas tree and hire a professional photographer to allow the young guns to get clicked. Add dozens of balloons on the floor as everyone would enjoy kicking, bopping and carrying them around. Have riddles, games and live shows arranged to entertain your friends and pals.
What is a party without music? Music adds life and soul to a gathering and can single-handedly change the whole environ of a party. Just like all the other parties, a Christmas party without music seems to be bland and white. Add color to the party by arranging latest songs to keep the teens pepped up throughout. For best effects, hire a DJ and ask him to blend well rap songs, oldies, holiday music and soft rock. Don’t forget the Christmas carols. After all, you cannot celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ without humming the carols!
Everyone desires to taste and gorge upon luscious food at parties and Christmas party is no different. Instead of planning a full-blown feast, try serving an array of glamorous snacks and finger foods that will suffice the teens’ hunger. Choose from grilled cheese sandwiches, Caesar salads, breadsticks, blue cheese crumbles, chopped spiced nuts, crackers, mini pancakes, and a blend of olives, toasted almonds and thyme. For drinks, you can serve refreshers, cocktails and light alcohol drinks.

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