Bring out your creativity in decorating your Christmas tree with a theme that perfectly suits your style. Glance through this article to find Christmas tree decorating ideas for 2011.

2011 Christmas Tree Decorations

Of all Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree is, undoubtedly, the ‘king’. Amongst all the decorations that adorn the room, the Christmas tree draws all eyes towards itself. And why not! The twinkling lights, bright ornaments and huge ropes of Christmas garlands combine together to form the most dazzling attraction of the festive holidays. To create a perfect festive Christmas tree, you need a coordinated color scheme, large topper and oversized ornaments. While trinkets and baubles add persona and elegance to the tree, adding ribbons in shades of gold, silver and white, or a combination of copper, tan and silver gives you a perfect tree that exhibits style and sophistication to the your holiday décor. In case you are looking for such classy and trendy decorating ideas for your Christmas tree, read through the following lines for more of such tips.
Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2011
Tinsel and sequins look beautiful and enhance the feel of holiday season. But they bring along a lot of cleaning later on. Besides, they are even unsafe with kids around. For a Christmas tree that looks elegant and classy, use gold ribbons that complement with the walls of your room. To get the Tuscan theme in full swing, add red and green ornaments and voila! You have a perfect seasonal tree ready for display!
It’s Copper & Teal
To leave a remarkable impression on your guests, copper and teal are the shades that should top the list of your Christmas tree decorations. Amongst all the color palettes, these two sophisticated yet vibrant colors are the hottest in town for 2011. Use different kinds of greenery, such as bay leaves, glitter sprigs, and deep copper leaves for a great contrast to the tree. Use feathers as toppers for the tree to add height and give the star some relaxation for a while.
Retro Red
While it’s all red with Christmas, why leave the tree behind in fitting flawlessly into the decorations. Red balls, red stars, red laces, red candy canes, keep it all red! To augment more festivity and tradition to the tree, use gold and pearl Christmas balls and bells, along with mistletoe, holy, and poinsettias. Nothing’s better than a unique Christmas tree which oozes out the retro feel and sheer tradition?
Vintage Metallic
Gold had taken a backseat for quite sometime. But not anymore though, for it’s not just back with a bang, it’s creating ripples, without a doubt. The bright and dazzling gold is a classic vintage color. And with a Christmas decoration like the Christmas tree, gold can be used extensively to get the real feel of the holiday season. While all ornaments are twinkling gold, you can ideally soften the look with a green-gold metallic ribbon. Remember, a gold metallic tree adjusts well in a traditional home as it does in a contemporary abode.
The Unexpected Black
Ever thought black could be the holiday color, for a festival like Christmas? Well, just as the color is a surprise, so is the trend, which is one of the hottest this year. Have the Christmas tree bejeweled with ornaments in jet black, contrasting with a few completing colors to play with this dramatic shade. Some blue ornaments and a silver topper would suffice the tree with style, class, and sophistication. Want to give it a try?
Supreme White
While the above section highlighted the color black and its dazzling effects, Christmas cannot be separated with the snow color - white. With a hot color palette of white, gunmetal grey, and some black, you will have the trendiest tree in town, causing all the guests arriving at your place go green with envy. Black pinecones, elegant icicles, crystal bunches, and fuzzy snowflakes will infuse more beauty to this Christmas tree theme.
Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 2010
The best way to arrange a Christmas tree is to stick to a specific color theme. Make sure that the Christmas garlands, beads, bows and lights that you add to the tree are in one color to reflect a professional and elegant look. You can try a crimson color theme adorning the tree with rich red bows, beads, and crimson faux fruit. For a modern and chic look, use citrine and lively greens, or probably go stylish and classy with stylish silver ascents. Give your tree a luxe look with sophisticated and glamorous golden decorations.
While there are numerous color schemes to beautify your Christmas tree, you have an array of styles as well to complement the colors. Celebrate country Christmas by using wooden ornaments, gingerbread curios, raffia, popcorn or cranberry garlands, and lots of browns, reds and greens. Or, for that elegant look, embellish the tree with glass ornaments, bead garlands, ribbons and lace, velvet, silvers, blues, and deep reds. Try out vintage pewter ornaments, candle shaped lights, popcorn or ribbon garlands, reds, greens, and whites for a traditional and old-fashioned Christmas.
Family Tree
If you are lucky enough to celebrate Christmas with your family, let the love and affection reflect through the Christmas tree. For this, all you need to do is decorate the tree with different objects highlighting the family’s personality. Some great options to choose from include collectable ornaments, favorite foods, handmade ornaments and garlands, Christmas cards and personal notes, and family photos in the form of frames or ornaments placed on the tree.
Christmas and snow flakes go hand in hand. With the winter season around, decorate the tree with crystal clear snowflake ornaments. Add solid or twinkling white lights to create a white and wintry theme. Let snow flow through your home by placing a couple of miniature snowmen and wooden sleds on the tree. Complete the snowy effect by adding lots of white glass balls and penguin ornaments on the Christmas tree.
Go Untraditional
You can try out different unusual themes to decorate your Christmas tree. For those who are computer geeks, use CDs, floppy disks with Christmas, and photos of family and friends with Christmas greetings. Music lovers can use miniature models of musical instruments, such as violin, guitar, flutes and others to beautify the tree. Download music notes from the internet and cut them into thin strips to put them on the tree. Apart from computer and music enthusiasts, sports buffs too can use their favorite sport gear to decorate the Christmas tree. For instance, baseball admirers can hang miniature baseball bats, gloves and balls on the tree. Do not forget to add photos and pics of your favorite baseball star.

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