Christmas is almost here and you still haven’t finalized the look of your dwelling? Well, don’t panic as we have provided some interesting home decor ideas for Christmas 2011.

Christmas Decor 2011

Christmas is the time of the year when everything needs to be perfect and there is no room for excuses. We have to be on our toes and no matter how well we draft our plans to get the perfect décor at the time of Christmas, we always fall behind the schedule. And, if you are a homemaker, the burden is always extended, as you have to take care of the rest of the things like food and comfort for the family as well. However, decorating the house on Christmas is a lot of fun and frolic if the whole family clubs in their ideas together. Not only would the house look vibrant and vivacious, decorating it wouldn’t be a task at hand. Also, the task would pose as the perfect time to rekindle the spirit of togetherness and the bond of love. In the following lines, we have provided interesting decorating ideas for Christmas 2011. Have fun adoring your home sweet home!
2011 Christmas Decorating Ideas
Red & Gold
Go for a traditional environment with red and gold. Play with the heat of the color and for an additional effect, use glided tones and shades of the same to harmonize the entire atmosphere. Use the lights, garlands, and candles, in such a way that it gives colors of red and gold an opportunity to enchant the decoration further. Let yourself lose and bathe in the magic of Christmas! And if you’d thought gold to be associated with just Christmas trees, there is a myriad of decorations right from candles to crockery that perfectly justify the color gold. For an environment baroque, you can play with shades of gold, like brown, copper, silver plated, and gilded.
Toned or Multicolored
Play with a single tone and create an environment camaieu this Christmas! While the naughty males can opt for turquoise and green, the charming ladies can pick up rosy reds. Likewise, fir tree balls, stars, boas of feathers, and butterflies can be selected and arranged as per your wish. But if you wish to reveal that typical Christmas room in the East, balls of mosaic, diamonds and invaluable stones, small metal birds, hand suspensions from the curtains and tables are what you should go for. Instead of a fruit and multicolored depiction, choose all the traditional colors of Christmas for the idyllic décor. Turquoise, pink, green apple, fuchsia, and orange are some flashy yet modern colors, perfect for the season. Let your imagination flow and suspend them into your holiday home.
Red & White
If all seems to be gold and gaudy everywhere, you can lighten it up by replacing gold with white, for a more true and genuine Christmas décor. Not only will it exude a sober atmosphere, but it will also exploit the alliance of the white and red elements strewn. For that real feel, you can carry decorations of natural matters, like Christmas socks or snow garland. To harmonize the woody interiors, if you have any, figurines of Father Christmas, candles, candy canes, stars, balls, and other decorations can be added.
Polar White
The environment of polar white has been in fashion over the last few years and continues to be in trend this season as well. To be solely concentrating on the purity of white, money should not be an issue, for remember whites are always pricey. However, that simply does not mean you come up with an absolutely snowy effect. In fact, do not hesitate to complement them with checkmate, sheen, spangles, and transparency. While the winters are all black and interiors pure white, infuse some vibrancy and brightness with small stars, scintillating butterflies, polar bear, garlands of feathers - all with touches of red and dazzling colors. Carry out that snow garland to complete the décor with elegance and finesse.
2010 Christmas Decorating Ideas
Keep It Real
Choosing decorations can be really made easier, if you have a color scheme in mind that is not too bold and distinct, but more so flows into the on-lookers mind. However, this does not mean that you are not allowed to use the colors of your choice. The idea is to baffle your guest at every step of the house. Instead of giving them something really surprising at the first step, give them something which is equally amazing but slowly unfurling and one which gains on the occupants. Remember, sometimes “this is just getting better and better” just sounds better than just an “OMG, it’s great!” in the beginning.
This can be implemented completely based on your own persona. If you feel you need the shock-rocker kind of head start, be sure to back it up with better and better things on the insides of the house. For example, instead of using a completely startling bright interior, choose a style in which each of your room is brighter than the other. The other option would be to keep the living room brightest, while the lights slowly fade out towards the paths leading out of it. The illusion so created would give your house an immediate lift-up, without you spending much on the décor ornaments and trinkets.
Color Me Cool
Choice of colors is the most important in Christmas décor. This is where many people go wrong when decorating for Christmas. Using a variety of colors can be eye catching but it sometimes appears to be distracting and cluttered. When you want the colors to work together, cool colors are always more pleasing to the eye than warmer ones. For example, red and green are the traditional Christmas colors, but when placed together they really don’t project an air of elegance. The top two choices for elegant color are gold and white together. You need to go with those colors throughout your home to give your home sweet home one smooth color scheme.
It may seem like white won’t look very inviting or seem very much like Christmas, but wait until you have it all together and you’ll be amazed to see the results. However, this does not mean that you cannot use red and green. Use them in combinations with other colors to bring the best out of the two. For instance, a gold banner reading “Merry Christmas” on a white wall would look fine. You can get the letters done in red so that it radiates a bright feel. You can also use other color combos you like, apart from the ones given, but remember that you are decorating your domicile for a really nice celebration and not a discotheque.
Light It Up
Lightings and candles are a great treat to look at and add the glitter to your decorations. However, it is important to be wise, while choosing them. For elegance in electric lighting, never pick the bigger lights. Opt for the smaller ones for the inside as well as the outside of your home. The new look LED lights, available in long or short clusters, are way too cooler than the traditional bulbs. They give a great look and save electricity as well. If you have visited high-end restaurants, you will always find that most of them use smaller and more elegant lights than the bulky chandeliers. When you’re placing lights on your tree, use the smaller lights and use as many strands as your tree can comfortably hold.
Themed Hospitality Rocks
Choose your flowers and fruits carefully. Try to go with roses instead of poinsettias, as they give a richer and more elegant look. Flowers placed in elegant vases all around the house look great. These vases should match your color scheme. At the time of decorating your dinning table, make sure you place fresh fruits which can retain their freshness for a long time in decorative bowls. You can also use Christmas balls, instead of fruits, for placing in the bowls. Gifts wrapped in handmade papers which are related to your color scheme also pose as great decorative items. In case you are expecting guests for Christmas, always provide towels and sheets which blend into your Christmas color scheme. Also, make sure that your cutlery is in your chosen color scheme. Remember, a well-organized house always scores better than a mismatched one!

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