While decorating your home for Halloween party can be fun, but it can turn out to be heavier on your pockets. Check out some cheap and inexpensive decoration ideas for Halloween here.

Cheap Halloween Decoration Ideas

The time of Halloween is back yet again. It’s time when ghouls, goblins and ghosts leave their sanctuaries and walk down the earth amongst living beings. It’s the holiday when adults and children disguise as something scary, spooky and silly. Halloween is more popular for weird and chilling parties, or simply greeting one with trick-o-theaters at the entrance doors. When parties are on the house, one makes sure his party is the one that everyone is looking out for. This includes decorating homes with all sorts of fiery and scar accessories, buying the best costumes for the party, and preparing all kinds of weird and eerie dishes. However, this can turn out to be highly expensive just as Christmas decorations. Nonetheless, you can decorate your home and give a real ghostly feel without breaking the bank. Glance through the lines herein to find some cheap ideas for creating the right mood for this oh-so-creepy Halloween holiday.  
Inexpensive Decorating Ideas For Halloween
To create a cheap Halloween festive look, go for basic lighting. Attach a cardboard cutout bat, ghost or any other scary creature to the bulb end of a flashlight. This will reflect a perfect spooky effect. To create an eerie shadow, flash the light into an indoor or outdoor space. Another great cheap idea for lighting is using a black light with glow-in-the-dark decals and paint. For a classic touch, place candles, either alone or inside a jack o’lantern. Use orange or clear strands of lights in a dark room or use them to decorate home outdoors and bushes.
Creepy Ice Cubes
Give your Halloween party drinks a ghostly effect by placing plastic bugs or gummy worms in ice cube trays and freezing them. For that added “bloody” effect, add a few drops of red food coloring before you proceed towards freezing them. Drop these freezing creepy cubes into drinks or add them to a large bowl of punch.
Spooky Forest
Collect some broken or trimmed branches and arrange them giving the resemblance of a dark scary forest. You can highlight this by either placing pots with stones or dirt to hold them in place, or directly sticking the pots on the ground. Use fake spider webs, plastic spiders and bugs, and moss to reveal that eerie feel. Spray black paint in parts of the trunk and branches for a real haunted look. Create the entrance to this dark forest by arranging twigs in the form of a wreath at the front door.
The autumn season is around and so are the scarecrows. Then, why not add this mystery to your yard at Halloween. Add bales of hay, cornstalks and Indian corn to create the atmospheres and space for the scarecrow. Make scarecrows using your worn-out long-sleeved shirt, old jeans, gloves, straw hat, pumpkin, and paint. Use your creativity to make the most fashionable and eye-catching scarecrow.
Fake Blood
No Halloween party is complete without creepier things than blood. Fake blood is easily available at costume stores but why to purchase when you can make your own fake blood at home. Simply combine light corn syrup with red food coloring until you get your desired blood color. Thicken it by adding a few drops of milk. Fake blood is best used for outdoor parties as it can cause some real mess and stains. Use it in containers indoors in case you are concerned about messing.
Sound Effects
Sinister-sounding music is readily available in music stores. Hence, pick those that will enhance the creep factor and appeal to all senses. Make sure that they contain all sorts of creepy and weird sounds, such as lightning, screams, howling, banging, and creaking. Use them at entrances to give your guests a scary greeting or surprise.

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