Do you want to make your yard look bizarre during the Halloween night? If yes, then make use of scary Halloween decoration ideas. Read on to explore outdoor decorating tips for Halloween.

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Bizarre costumes, scary faces and a horrifying atmosphere, all of them together make a Halloween party much awaited for those who want to let loose the 'devil' sleeping inside them! If you are planning to host a Halloween party, why not make it special and different from others? Start from the very basic things - decorations. If you want to set an enthralling atmosphere outdoors, decorate the premises in a way that they represent a scene from the 'haunted house' movies. Make use of all the decorative items that would create the desired bizarre effect. You can also check out the best ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations, given in the lines below.
Outdoor Decorating Tips For Halloween 
  • A Halloween party is incomplete without carved pumpkins. As a part of the outdoor decorations, you can use pumpkins, intricately carved and spray painted. Place candles inside them, as to illuminate them. You may create interesting expressions by carving the pumpkins in different, scary shapes.
  • Collect some old sheets of cloth to create scarecrows and ghost figures, for the party venue. Place the decorations against the porch, to welcome your Halloween guests in a funny, yet scary way!
  • The old and torn umbrellas will find its best use on a Halloween party night. Rip off the fabric of the umbrella. Now, stretch some fake spider webs over the rods of the umbrella. Hang it on a tree in the yard.
  • Bats and ghoulish figures can be easily made with paper. Using scissors, cut out various figures and color them. Now, place them at strategic locations all over your yard. To create a bizarre effect, place a flashlight in such a way that the light is thrown to the underside of the cut outs, making them look different and glow in the dark!
  • Cut a big footprint pattern out of a sponge. Dip the sponge in a washable paint. Imprint large footprints on the pathway in the garden, using the damp sponge.
  • Gleaming eyes hiding in the bushes can make anyone scare at the first glance! To create the desired effect, hide a couple of yellow blinking lights, placed a few inches away from each other, in a bush. Switch on the lights when your guests arrive. Make sure that the area surrounding the lights is dark, so that the two 'eyes' get pronounced.
  • Ghouls made of cotton strips are perfect for decorating the outdoors, for a Halloween party. Collect a few pieces of cotton strips and cotton balls. Get some thread and a marker as well. Now, tie a thread to the collar area of the cotton strip, to separate the head from the rest of the figure. Create a face for the figure using the marker. Hang the ghoulish figures at different places in the yard.

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