Looking for some ideas for homemade couple Halloween costumes? Well, browse through the article to get information on handmade costume ideas for couples on Halloween.

Homemade Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is that time of the year, when you can show your creativity and live out your fantasies. Halloween parties are also a great place to meet up people and get to know the wild side of everyone. For singles, dressing up for a Halloween party is all fun. But, what if you are hitched and are due to attend a party wherein both of you need to project your love for each other and bonding that you guys share. Are you confused as to what both of you should put on? Don’t be! In fact, this is a greater chance to bring out the best in the costume world. Remember, costumes are always incomplete without the accessories and this time you have a living, walking-talking accessory. Don’t get us wrong. We do not mean that you treat your partner like an accessory. Instead, what we intend to say is that you guys can dress in a way that the two of you complement and complete each other. Make a design that would merge both of you into a single entity and set you apart from the crowd, but as a team. In the following lines, we have provided some ideas on homemade couple Halloween costumes.
Handmade Costume Ideas For Couples On Halloween
Adam and Eve
Starting from the basics, this costume (or the lack of it) does not really require much imagination, but some real guts to pull it off. If you ready to do some real skin show, then you can wear some pieces of green cloth to cover the bare necessities and enter the party. A more viable way is to wear skin colored bodysuits and use green colored cloth or leaves in a bikini style to give a born-to-be-wild look.
Batman & Robin
Enter a Halloween party and you are bound to find one or more couples performing a gig in this classic combination. The costumes are easy to get as they are available at almost all the leading stores where you get Halloween costumes. A pleasant change for this one can be a Batman and Catwoman combination. You can also try the Captain America meets Wonder Woman approach.
Baker & A Bun-In-the-Oven
This is a fabulous couple’s costume idea, more so if your better-half is really pregnant! For this, the female partner wears a cardboard stove around her neck with a large cutout in the center for her belly. In the middle of her belly are pieces of bread, cookies and so on. The male partner on the other hand puts on a chef’s hat and apron.
Shrek & Fiona
This one is a little tough to do and can go all wrong if you don’t get the right shade of green all around you. For this, you need to cover up yourself from head to toe in whole green. Once this is done, you are all set to represent the most popular Ogres in the movie business.
Couple In Black
Black is inevitable when it comes to dressing up for a party. So whether it is a formal occasion or a Halloween party, you can never go wrong with a black dress. Black also is best suited to create a creepy and scary look. For this, both the partners should wear black suit, black shirt, black tie, black shoes and socks, and dark sunglasses. Add this with some black paint on the face and you are sure to scare the hell out of people at the party.
The Simpsons
This time, go mellow yellow, as you bring to life television’s longest running dysfunctional couple; Marge and Holmer Simpson. This will require a whole lot of yellow makeup, a hair wig for Marge and a beer belly for Holmer. You can also use four fingered mittens for a true feeling of Simpsons’ world. Again, Bart and Lisa can be added up.
Popeye & Olive Oyl
This is a classic choice for many couples, because it’s extremely easy and nostalgic too. However, do not just focus on the clothes and the style. It would be completely hilarious, if you emote the characters and use some of their famous dialogues, now and then. Kids can be dressed as cans of spinach. You can also have a whistle in Popeye’s pipe for the sound effects.

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