Boys can make their Halloween special by choosing appropriate costumes for themselves. Check out some boy Halloween costume ideas given below.

Halloween Costumes for Boys

Halloween is that time of the year, when everybody wants to let his/her imagination wild. During the festive season, people simply love to get decked up in ghastly costumes and put on scary make up. The main focus during this time is to dress oneself in the most unusual and intriguing manner, as to look different from the crowd. Boys are especially excited on this occasion, as they wish to avail the opportunity to play pranks. To escalate the feeling of chill and surprise, various Halloween costumes are available in the market. For some ideas on Halloween costumes for boys, check out the following lines.
Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys
Gorilla Costume
A Gorilla costume is a good choice for Halloween. The dress includes a gorilla mask with eyes and nose, along with furry feet and hands. There is another costume, which includes a full size jumpsuit with a plastic inset chest piece, a gorilla mask, hands covers and shoe covers. With the mannerisms of the mammal, your boy is sure to allure others in your Halloween party, by wearing the gorilla costume!
Headless Man Costume
The Headless Man Halloween costume includes a full black color robe. In case you are making the costume at home, make sure that the part of the robe covering your face and head should be sheer, so that you can look through. After this, get a neck stump made of latex or any other material that looks almost real. Attach it on top of your head, to look like the neck of a headless man. This would give the perfect scary optical illusion. Wear long black boots to complete the look.
Frankenstein Costume
One of the scariest monsters ever, Frankenstein has inspired many guys since a long time, to look scary during their Halloween parties. The costume includes a black blazer-type jacket, dark color pants, along with a dark t-shirt and platform shoes. Get some Frankenstein neck bolts and attach them to your neck, with spirit gum. Apply the appropriate makeup, to give a ghastly appearance.
Demon Costume
You can even try a Demon Halloween costume, which includes things like a dressing gown, chest drape, hooded cape, gloves, belt, medallion and mask. For accessories, use a battle axe, medieval mace or a detached head, under your arm. Compliment this with some black eye make up or cover your eyes completely with a black eye-mask.
Ghost Face Costume
A Ghost Face Halloween costume would be the best bet for small kids, because it doesn’t need a lot of heavy make up. It usually includes a black hooded robe, with jagged sleeves and a black belt. Team it with a classic ghost mask, to complete the look.
Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Costume
Glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume would be a perfect fit for the Halloween night. Generally, it consists of a 3D molded bone jumpsuit, gloves and moveable jaw mask. The dress would glow in the dark. Along with it, teach some skeleton dance steps to the boy, to perform in the Halloween party.

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