Christmas Trivia challenge is one of the most popular party games, meant to have fun with the whole family. Here are some ideas for playing Christmas trivia party games.

Christmas Trivia Games

Christmas, the season of merry making, is the perfect occasion for family reunion. It is one of the most celebrated times of the year, when everyone wants to enjoy to the fullest. A great way to boost up the festive spirit among the people around you is to organize parties with enthralling activities. One such activity is playing fun filled games. When we talk about games related to Christmas, the trivia challenge stands at the forefront. It is perhaps the most popular party games, thoroughly enjoyed by every member of the family. Although Christmas trivia game can be played in several ways, the basic concept remains the same.
The main idea behind the game is to prepare a questionnaire based on various facts about the holiday. The questions that form a part for the game can be about the lyrics of carols and songs, legends connected to Santa Claus and his reindeer, history of Christmas, etc. This is perhaps one of the best ways to get closer to the holiday, as you will be able to know the nuances of the history of Christmas as well as various legends connected with it. The trivia game can become a lively competition, if you make it challenging enough. Given below are some ideas for playing Christmas trivia party games.
Christmas Trivia Game Ideas 
  • If the game is organized with single players in mind, prepare a list of simple trivia questions. Make enough copies of the list, so that everybody gets his/her list of questions. Announce the questions one by one; set a time limit for answering them. Present an attractive gift to the winner, the person who gives the maximum number of correct answers.
  • Create a complete trivia game if you will be playing with your entire family. Use old business cards to write down the questions. Make a pile of business cards on which easy, medium and difficulty questions will be written. Shuffle the cards thoroughly and keep them at the center of a table. Pick the cards one by one and ask questions.
  • You can also divide the participants into teams and designate a scorekeeper. Assign points for each level, say 2 pts for an easy question, 4 pts for the medium, and 6 pts for the difficult one.
  • To make the game more interesting, assign "Santa's helper" for each of the teams. Supply the helper with some props using which that he can help his team guess the correct answers.
  • While deciding the prize for group trivia game, make sure that the gifts can be equally divided among all the participants. A bag of candies, ornaments, small trinkets or toys, candy canes can be used as the gift for the winning team.

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