Christmas gift exchange games bring in the element of fun to the celebrations. Go through the article to get some nice Christmas party gift exchange game ideas.

Christmas Gift Exchange Games

The tradition of exchanging gifts during the festival of Christmas is very popular. Whether it is a family get-together or a party with friends and relatives, the exchange of presents becomes inevitable. A fun way to exchange the presents is by asking your acquaintances/guests to bring one gift each. This process of swapping the gifts can be done in a variety of ways. Given below are some nice ideas to play Christmas gifts exchange games.  
Christmas Gift Exchange Games
White Elephant Gift Exchange
This is one of the most popular Christmas gift exchange games, played widely in parties during the holiday season. Ask your guests to place their gifts on a table. Assign a number for each gift. Now, pass on a bowl with numbered pieces of paper inside it. The person who gets the number “1” grabs the gift, which carries the number - one. The guest opens his/her gift in front of everyone. Now, the person who gets the number “2” gets a chance to either pick a gift from the pile or “steal” the first person’s gift. The game continues until all the numbered gifts get distributed.
The “Right-Left” Game
Get gifts wrapped in colorful papers. Now, ask your guests to sit in a circle, holding their presents. Assign a person to narrate a short story related to Christmas. As the person narrates the story, the gifts are passed on from one player to another. The narrator pauses the story at regular intervals to say the words “right” and “left”. When the players hear the word “right”, in between the narration, the presents are passed to the right side. When they hear the word “left”, the gifts are passed to the left side. At the end of the story, each of the guests gets to keep the gift that is in his possession.
Passing The Hat
Gift-wrap small presents for all your guests. Write the names of the gifts in small pieces of papers and put them inside a hat. Now, ask your guests to sit in a circle, surrounding the presents that are piled up at the center. Play a background music and ask one of the guests to start the game by passing on the hat. When the music stops, the person holding the hat picks one of the slips. He/she gets the gift, which is written, on the slip. The game continues till all the participants get a chance to grab their presents.
Hiding The Gifts

An interesting way to play the Christmas gift exchange game at a family get-together is by hiding the presents at strategic locations around the venue. Write the clues for the location of the gifts on pieces of papers. Handle a slip to each of your family members. Set a time limit, say two minutes, within which, everyone has to find his/her hidden gift. To add thrill to the game, formulate the clues in such a way that it takes a series of clues to get someone to his gift.

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