Games can make an adult Christmas party all the more enjoyable. Go through the article, to explore some fun game ideas that you can resort to for adult Christmas party.

Adult Christmas Games

Games are a great source of entertainment and can serve as the perfect refreshment for the mind as well as the body. With lives getting busier day by day, the entertainment quotient is going down to almost negligible. During Christmas, when everyone is in the best of spirits, what better way to celebrate than to have a grand party, with a few games thrown in to enliven the mood of all the guests! Whether you win or lose doesn’t matter. What makes the difference is the participation, which will add fun and excitement to the party. Explore some fun games and activities you can resort to, for adult Christmas party.
Adult Christmas Party Game Ideas
Santa Costume
Materials Required
  • White and Red Paper (crepe or tissue paper)
  • Masking Tape
  • White Cotton 
How To Play
  • Divide everyone in the party into teams, with three players in each team.
  • Each team is required to choose one of their group members as Santa.
  • Provide each team with a set of materials (do not provide them with scissors, if you want to make the game more challenging)
  • At the word 'Go', each team will have to create a Santa costume for their group member, with the materials they have.
  • Set a time limit to complete the whole act. Five to seven minutes are perfect, as it makes the game fun and entertaining.
  • Allot someone as a judge.
  • It would be surprising to see how artistic people can get with creating their Santa costumes! 
Baby It's Christmas After All 
  • Everyone sits in a circle. Placement doesn't matter. A player is chosen to go first.
  • The player goes to such a player in the circle that they think will laugh easily. Then, they sit on their lap and say "Baby it's Christmas after all, won't you please smile?"
  • They can play with that player's hair or whisper in their ear or act loving or do anything that will get them to laugh.
  • After the first person says "Baby it's Christmas after all, won't you please smile?" the player on whose lap he is sitting on must say "Baby I know it's Christmas, but I just can't smile", without laughing or even cracking a smile.
  • If they don't smile and say the phrase without a hitch, the person on their lap moves on to try and get somebody else.
  • If the person being sat on does laugh, it's his/her turn to be the person who has to make someone laugh. 
Reindeer Antlers
Materials Required
  • Pantyhose
  • Eight Balloons 
How To Play
  • Divide everyone in the party into teams. Each team should have two to four people.
  • Give each group a pair of pantyhose - the loose ones. Hand each team eight balloons.
  • With the word 'Go', the game starts. Each of the teams start blowing up the balloons and stuffing them into the pantyhose.
  • Once all the balloons are stuffed inside the pantyhose, with four in each leg, someone has to wear the 'reindeer antlers' and sing the first verse of 'Jingle Bells'.
  • The team which finishes first wins the game.

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