Nothing makes adult sleepovers more exciting, than a host of games. Explore the ideas for adult slumber party games, given in this article.

Games For Adult Sleepovers

Spending time with a bunch of close friends at home, for the entire night, can be a lot of fun. You would love to spend the whole night, giggling and chatting with your friends, isn't it? So, why not throw a sleepover party for them? You don’t have to sit and formulate a plan. All you need is some snacks to munch on, pillows (for pillow fights), DVDs of the latest flicks and a few music CDs. Make the night even more exciting by arranging a couple of games. If you are looking for some nice ideas for games, this article will be right for you. Go through the following lines and check out the games for adult sleepovers.
Adults Slumber Party Game Ideas
The 'Sleeping Bag' Game
Ask all your guests, except one, to hide inside sleeping bags. Have the person, who is left out, to leave the room. Ask him/her to come back to the room, when others are ready, hiding inside their sleeping bags. Let him/her touch one of the sleeping bags and guess who is inside it. If the person makes the right guess, the one in the sleeping bag is out of the game. The player should guess correctly, each time he/she approaches a sleeping bag.
Burglar Alarm
A nice way to keep the party spirits high in your friends is to arrange a game that drives them crazy! One such game is 'burglar alarm'. You need a timer and a flashlight to play the game. Turn off the lights of a room, set the timer on and hide it somewhere in the corner of the place. Now, ask your friends to find the timer before it goes off. Provide them a flashlight for the purpose. Whoever finds the timer first, gets the prize! The winner gets the second chance to hide the timer. Continue the game until all your friends are had the chance.
The 'Shadow' Game
Ask a person to sit on the floor, facing a wall. Place a blanket in such a way that the person sitting on the floor hides behind it. Switch off the lights of the room. Hand over a flashlight to the him/her. Ask your friends to recognize the person, sitting behind the blanket, by looking only at the shadow formed on the wall. Let them take their turns one by one. The player may disguise his/her shadow, as to confuse the people looking at it. The player, who identifies the shadow correctly, is declared the winner.
Paper Bag Drama
Fill four large paper bags with an assortment of items that are not related. For instance, you may include a helmet, sunglasses, a pillow etc, which are not linked with each other. Divide the participants into groups. There should be at least four members in each group. Assign one bag to each group. Ask the groups to open their bags. Set a time limit of 15 minute to prepare a skit. The participants should use the items provided in their bags as props for their performance. Get ready for some funny acts by the sleep-over participants!

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