Blistering is the best way to peel off the skin of peppers. Explore the article and learn how to blister peppers.

How To Blister Peppers

It sometimes becomes difficult to remove the skin of red peppers easily, unless they are treated over the flame. The best way to peel off the skin of the peppers is to blister them. As a result of blistering, the skin rises off the flesh of the peppers. After they are cooled down completely, you can easily peel of their skin. There are a number of methods used for blistering peppers. You can either make use of microwave oven, broiler, or blister them over the flame in a charcoal grille. To know all about how to blister peppers, go through the article.
Blistering Peppers 
  • One of the popular methods to blister peppers is using broiler. Heat the broiler at 400 degrees F for about five minutes. Place the peppers on it. After you find that the peppers are heated up to an optimum temperature, turn them upside down, so that the other side of the peppers get heated up. Now, make use of forceps to turn the peppers several times, until the skin is blistered evenly on all sides.
  • Another popular method to blister peppers is by placing them on the burner of a stove. Use tongs to turn the peppers over repeatedly, until the skin blisters evenly on all sides.
  • While blistering the peppers in a microwave oven, you need to place them in a dish, covered with an air tight lid. Preheat the oven up to 450 degrees F for about five minutes. As the steam builds up inside the container, the skin of the peppers becomes brittle.
  • Peppers can also be blistered over charcoal grille. To do this, you need to turn on the heat source and cut the peppers into halves. After removing the seeds, place the peppers on a broiler pan. After broiling for about seven minutes, remove the skin using tongs. Keep the broiler pan as close to the heat source as possible, so that the peppers blister quickly. In case you find that the skin is getting darker, remove the peppers off the flame.
  • To peel their skin off, you should wait until the peppers are cooled. Transfer the peppers from the flame to a pan, covered with a damp cloth. After they cool down thoroughly, start peeling off the blistered skin. You should be very careful while doing this. Make sure that you do not remove the flesh of the pepper as well, while removing its skin. Make use of a peeler or knife for removing the blistered skin.

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