Your college party will be the most exciting event in the campus, if it is arranged in accordance with a popular theme. We are here to help you with some bright ideas for a themed college party.

College Party Themes

Partying is an interesting part of college life. You might have attended the most-talked about parties in the campus. Now, it is the time to host one such party at your place. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to arrange a college party. All you need to do, to make the party a hit, is choose a theme and create an enthralling mood at the venue. The reason for organizing a party according to a particular theme is to make sure that the guests have a clear idea about the exact mood of the occasion and they prepare themselves accordingly. If you want to explore some of the most popular college party themes, go through the following lines.
Themed College Party Ideas
Graffiti Party
The graffiti theme is a sure crowd puller, when it comes to a college party. It can attract almost every party animal. This theme involves very simple arrangements and decorations. Plain white t-shirt, with blue jeans, is the chosen attire for the guests. According to this theme, the guests write messages over each other's t-shirt and jeans, with markers. You can also use the combination of a highlighter and blacklight to make all the markings glow, when the lights are switched off at the venue.
Decades Party
In a college party based on the decades' theme, the venue is set according to the chosen era. You can decorate the venue according to the 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s. Pink beehive wig, poodle skirt and Elvis attire will be the best for the 1950s theme. Flowered pants and hippie wigs work well, if you have 1960s theme. Go for bell-bottoms for the 1970s theme and baggy sweatshirts and punk wigs for the 80s theme. Play the music according to the chosen era and decorate accordingly.
Foam Party
Do you want your guests to be lathered up with soap? If yes, then arrange a foam party for them. Arrange a foam machine to create loads of lather. Prepare the venue by covering the walls and floors with plastic sheets. Ask your guests to dress up in swim suits or old clothes. Dancing in the venue filled with foam will be totally a different experience for you as well as for them.
ABC Party
ABC stands for 'Anything But Clothes'. As the name suggests, your guests shall dress up in anything that is worth wearing. This will give your guests to use their imagination and make funny and weird attire out of duct tape, plastic bags, towel, cardboard etc. You can decorate the venue using basic decorative items like ribbons and balloons. All the emphasis is on the clothes that your guests will wear. Therefore, put little stress on the menu and keep it simple and light.
Casino Party
In order to bring in the casino feel, decorate the venue with fake money, cards and chips. Create the mood by hanging strings of twinkling lights all over the place. Costumes are kept simple and more emphasis is placed on activities. The guys can be in semi-formals, while the girls may go for sparkly attire. Since the party is centered on activities, assign different zones for dice, poker and card games. Fortify your guest’s stomach with a variety of drinks and some good food.

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