College life is a time to enjoy and to learn as well. Check out some popular present/gift ideas for college students.

Gifts For College Students

College life comprise of that phase of life in which every person enjoys himself to the fullest. In this stage of life, time flies like anything and all you’re left with is beautiful memories. And gifts make the most important part of these adorable memoirs. College days are about fun and studies, be it off campus, in canteen, in dorm or anywhere else. Gifts for students, who are enjoying this beautiful phase of life, should be useful and agreeable at the same time. Seeing that the learner resides in a dorm, you can gift something that can decorate his/her room or anything that he/she can make use of regularly. In case you need any help, check out the popular gift ideas for college students, listed in the lines below.
Popular Present Ideas for College Students
MP3 Player / iPod: Entertainment is very important to lighten up the nerves of students busy with studies. MP3 player, iPod or even playstation can do the work for them. Since they have to spend much time in commuting from one place to other, the ongoing music will prove to be a great time pass for them.
Stuffed Pillows / Cushions: What can be more relaxing than the touch of soft, stuffed pillows? After the strenuous schedule of a student, a nap amidst pillows would be simply great. Moreover, every time the person lies down, the pillows/cushions will remind him/her of the person who gifted them.
DVDs / MP3s: A collection of songs liked by the student can also be arranged in the form of DVDs and Mp3s. Every time he/she will hear his favorite numbers, it will remind him/her of some loving relationships. Or else, you can also gift a portable DVD player, if it is in your budget.
Tickets: Concerts, music shows, award functions, stage plays or just movie shows, tickets to any of aforesaid entertainment zone would be a good surprise. This is gentle on your wallet and would actually be loved by any college-going guy or girl, who can take his/her friends along.
Clothes: Regarding clothes, t-shirts make a nice option to go for, because almost everyone wears tees. You can buy bright or pastel shades, depending upon the season in which you’re gifting. Round and simple-V necklines look good on both, boys and girls. 
Shoulder Bags: Another great present for students is a shoulder bag. When books and accessories are always close, bags give a handy and cool approach of resting things. The size of bag could be different, according to the requirement. Usually college students need spacious bags.
Gift Baskets: You can fill them with different things, like printed mug, chocolates, candies, aroma candles, stuffed animals, scarp book, album etc. Besides this, you can also give assorted confectionery, syrups, instant noodles, pasta, or canned food. 
Magazine/Newspaper Subscription: Keeping facts up-to-date is informative as well as pleasurable, almost always. As per the choice of the college student, you can gift the subscription of his/her favorite magazine or newspaper for six months or year. He/she would surely love it.

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