A wedding anniversary celebration is incomplete without gifting each other traditional gifts. Check out traditional anniversary gifts.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage." - Martin Luther
This quote aptly describes the sacred relationship that we know of as 'marriage'. You have also had the pleasure of getting married to the love of your life. In fact, it is almost going to be one year of holy matrimony for you, with your first anniversary being only a few days away. Have you decided on the gift that you going to present your better half with? Are there any definite plans on how do you want to celebrate this special occasion? Going for a trip together is one option, but what if you both want it to be a traditional affair? In such a case, giving traditional wedding gifts to each other is probably the first thing that would come to your mind. However, you seem to have no clue about what kind of traditional gift should be given. Don't worry! Help is surely at hand. In the following lines, we have listed the traditional wedding anniversary gifts given below, right from the first anniversary to the sixtieth one.
Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
1st Anniversary (Paper)
The traditional gift item that is to be presented on the first wedding anniversary usually comprises of anything in paper. So, you can give books, movie or concert tickets, gift coupons, gift certificates, paper flowers, life size poster of both of you, etc, as gifts.
5th Anniversary (Wood)
The fifth anniversary calls for any gift in wood. Here, the options for married couples include romantic furniture like a love-seat or a wooden swing, carved wooden plate with a personalized message, intricately designed wooden showpiece, and other wooden items.
10th Anniversary (Tin/Aluminum)
When you talk about the ideal traditional gift for 10th anniversary, then the tin or aluminum products are what come into your mind. You can go in for polished photo frames, wall hangings, crockery, etc, as long as they are made of tin/aluminum.
15th Anniversary (Crystal)
For 15th anniversary, you can gift your better-half anything that is in crystal. Jewelry and showpieces are the most popular choices in this regard. However, makes sure that the particular gift item is sturdy and is maintained properly, to ensure stability.
20th Anniversary (China)
In case it is your 20th wedding anniversary, the ideal gift for your partner would be something made of bone china. Pots, bowls, showpieces, chimes, figurines, picture frame, vase (with fresh lilies), etc are the most popular choices as far as china gifts are concerned.
25th Anniversary
The 25th anniversary is also known as the silver jubilee. In this case, the best traditional gift would comprise of silver products. Go ahead and buy silver jewelry, auspicious coins, cases, jeweled boxes and statues as the perfect gift for your beloved.
50th Anniversary
The golden jubilee or the 50th anniversary of your wedding calls for gifts in gold, as precious as your partner. Things like gold watches, jewelry, coins, rings and chains will make the most popular choices for traditional wedding anniversary gifts in gold.
60th Anniversary
The sixtieth anniversary is considered to be the diamond jubilee and the best gift for it would obviously be a solitaire or a diamond. Give your beloved diamond studded watch, rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets, etc and see him/her fall in love with you all over again!

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