Searched a lot and tired of finding gifts for first wedding anniversary to swoon your spouse? Hang on. Steal a look into this article for some creative gift ideas for paper anniversary.

Paper Anniversary Gifts

Be it your own or someone else’s anniversary, the first anniversary is the best moment that one would love to celebrate, definitely. One full year of bonding, love, understanding and intimacy, all rolled up in the form of first wedding anniversary. While anniversaries symbolize love and commitment, they also represent the completion of one year and the beginning of yet another ahead. Though all the anniversaries are special, the first anniversary is categorically extra special. Considered as the “paper anniversary”, it has its own charm of celebrating. Moreover, the gifts bestowed upon the couple are also special, as they usually pertain to the theme of the anniversary, which is paper. Finding gifts for the married couple or your spouse can leave you in a state of perplexity and confusion. Today most people prefer choosing modern gifts, but in case you wish to stick to the traditional law of gifting paper gifts on the first wedding anniversary, simply scroll through the lines below.
Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
How about a second honeymoon? Gift your spouse a break from the usual lifestyle and fly off to one of the most exotic places to relive your love and romance. Take a break from your busy schedule and plan out a long holiday. Make sure that you do not divulge the vacation to your spouse; else the surprise won’t be a surprise anymore, right? Pack up the bags and drive straight to the airport. Not only will he/she be overjoyed, but love you for your effort. The surprise element is sure to make your journey all the more fun and enjoyable.
As you complete one full year of togetherness, prepare a collage capturing all the special moments that two of you have spent together. Since it is your first year, couples always click snaps on every small event. Get a large romantic colored chart from the market and decorate it with some exclusive photos of your companionship. Do jot down some comments under each snap. To give it a more romantic and idealistic look, paste the snaps in the shape of a heart. Indeed, this would be one of the best paper anniversary gifts.
Astonish your spouse with a surprise dinner by sending him/her an invitation. There are a number of invitation cards available in the market pertaining to such occasions. However, for a personal touch, you can make your own invitation at home. Use your creativity to generate a cute and lovely invitation. You are sure to get your anniversary favor even before you take him/her out for dinner.
Love Box Card
Making a love box card for your loved one at home is one of the best paper anniversary gifts under the sky. Get hold of a cardboard box and make six compartments to fill them up with little gifts. You can keep things, such as a love letter, your spouse’s favorite chocolates, a nice watch, wallet, and so on. Beautify the box using your imagination and creativity.
Bouquet of Paper Flowers
A bouquet of flowers is always the best bet when gifting someone close. And when it’s your spouse, these flowers have to be really special. So what to do? Since its paper anniversary, get some paper flowers from the market or create a few at home. Bunch them up into a bouquet and present them to your love. Not only are they delicate and long-lasting, your spouse will appreciate the efforts gone into making them.

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