You need not go and pool in all your hard-earned money for the perfect anniversary gift. Think out of the box and come up with creative anniversary gifts.

Creative Anniversary Gifts

The easiest social myth that does the rounds about women, especially, is the fact that they are gold diggers and crave only for money. You have to keep your pockets full at all times if you want to maintain a woman – even if it is a girlfriend, all the more so if it is a wife. This very idea drives men into spending a fortune on their anniversaries to get their wives a gift. The toughest part is, with the coming of economic freedom, women have also succumbed to this trend and spend money without a second thought on the men they love. What they do not realise is that, most of the times it is the time that the spouse spent together is valued more than money. When a couple ages together, they look at the times that they have spent together, being there for each other and made their married life a success story. Nowhere does that mention the moolah they spent on each other because, as often said, it is not the most important thing in life and definitely not what keeps a couple together. Thus, anniversary gifts can be creative and cost effective too. Here are some creative anniversary gift ideas.
Innovative Anniversary Gift Ideas 
Here are a few creative anniversary gifts that cost more time and less money.
Scrap (Book) My Memories 
An anniversary, even if it is the first one signifies the time that a couple has spent together. During this time, they must have been through good times and bad, some trying, some funny moments, some that brought them closer and so on. Thus, gifting your spouse a scrapbook of memories of the times that you shared together will make your anniversary all the more special. You may have wonderful pictures of the times that you have spent together – stick them onto the scrapbook and wrap it up in homemade paper and gift it to your spouse. You could even fill it up with your or your spouse’s favourite quotes. There may also be funny or cute memories of the time when your spouse uttered something endearingly funny in mock anger; you could also include those quotes.
Frame Me Up 
Handmade and personalized photograph frames are an excellent way to bring back the memories of the times that you have spent. You could paint it in the colours that your spouse likes, decorate it in a certain theme, like the ocean, great outdoors and so on, and stick in it some of the most beautiful pictures that you may have had of your life together. Pictures, as they say, speak more than words and would document your life together better than words can express. Remember, however, not to include the silly or embarrassing pictures of your spouse, in case he or she may not approve of it. Such a ‘stunt’ should only be pulled at when you are sure of your spouse’s confidence in you and of the fact, that he or she can take a joke.
Watch The Times 
Another way to make your anniversary special is to make a CD of all the pictures that you have together and turn it into a slideshows set to music, preferably one of your spouse’s favourite songs. Since music is a language that never really needs a translator, the message that you plan to send across will not be missed by your spouse.
Card Straight From The Heart 
A simple, heartfelt card that you made at home never goes wrong. It speaks for the fact that you are ready to spend time to make your spouse happy. There are many relationships that fail because people have not been able to spend much time together.

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