Are you looking for 5th anniversary gifts? If yes, then here are some cool gift ideas for 5th anniversaries. Browse through this article to know more about it.

5th Anniversary Gifts

Are you just going to celebrate your 5th anniversary? Then it is a perfect occasion to rejoice because it means you are married for nearly half a decade! In recent years, the institution of marriage has been put under fire, with so many marriages ending in a divorce. If you are just coming up with your 5th anniversary, then it is the time to cherish all the beautiful moments you have spent with your spouse. Your anniversary is the time when you together look back to the journey you have made together and express your love for each other. Presenting unique anniversary gifts is probably one of the best ways to let your spouse know how much you care for him or her. You can either take your spouse to some fancy restaurant for dinner, go for a romantic holiday, or present homemade gifts to make the occasion more special. However, if you are looking for traditional gift scroll down to know more about 5th anniversary gift ideas.

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas
  • While wood is the material for traditional 5th anniversary gift, silver is the material for the modern 5th year anniversary.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to express your love for your spouse. Instead, a thoughtful gift with a touch of romance is much more appreciated and can be a perfect anniversary keepsake.
  • A little knowledge of your spouse’s like and hobbies can help you come up with excellent anniversary gift ideas.
  • Does your wife love jewelry but has no place to keep them? What can be a better gift idea than a nice handcrafted wooden jewelry box? Surprise your wife with a little decorative wooden jewelry box. If you are ready to spend some more bucks, keep a few pieces of jewelry inside it as well.
  • Charm your wife with handmade wooden chimes to hang in the porch or the deck.
  • If your wife loves gardening, a handcrafted and painted birdhouse can be an excellent gift idea for her.
  • Wooden music boxes can be also a great traditional 5th anniversary gift idea.
  • If your husband is a music lover, buy him a new vintage wooden guitar he has always loved.
  • Have you just moved in to your new apartment? Then make a wooden name plate and put it together on the door.
  • For an epicurean spouse, a wooden salad set or a wooden wine rack can be unique gift idea.
  • If you are looking for gift based on modern anniversary symbols, then put a spin on a silverware platter and get it engraved with your spouse’s name.
Other 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas
  • Plan a romantic holiday to a place she has always wanted to go. This will give both of you time to spend some romantic moments with each other that you can cherish throughout your life.
  • If your husband is a techie guy, buy him his favorite gadgets. Be it camera or the latest iPod, husbands are gadget lovers and he will definitely be in awe of your gift.
  • Wives love jewelry. Gift your wife a gold charm bracelet with her favorite things as charms on it.
  • Buy your wife jewelry with pink tourmaline which is the symbolic gem stone for 5th anniversaries.
  • Prepare breakfast for her and gift her a bunch of daisies. Daisies are flowers for the 5th anniversaries and convey the message of loyal love, purity, and innocence.

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