Looking for ideas to celebrate 80th birthday of your loved one? Then here are some exciting 80th birthday party ideas for your aid.

80th Birthday Ideas

Birthdays are always special in one’s life and signify the milestone one has achieved. Birthdays are the perfect occasion to let the person know how much he/she is loved and coveted. Is your loved one about to turn 80? Perhaps you will not want to miss this opportunity to throw a birthday bash to celebrate this gala event and make it memorable for all. An 80th birthday celebration is the perfect occasion to remember the person’s life and recollect good old memories the person has left behind. If any of your near ones is soon going to turn 80, and if you wish to make it an unforgettable event, then surprise the person with a big birthday bash. Let the person know how much he/she is cared and loved. If you are looking for 80th birthday ideas, then here are some exciting tips for you to try out. Just check it out!
80th Birthday Party Ideas
  • You can either arrange the party at home or book some hotel for the function.
  • Any birthday celebration means decorating the house. Decorate the house with colorful streamers and balloons. Get customized balloon that has written “80” or “over the hill” on it.
  • You can either go for an antique theme to decorate the party venue or you can opt for a bright and colorful décor to make it fun.
  • Since it is an 80th birthday, why not choose an 80 theme for the party. Get crockery, cake, balloons and all the supplies for the party with number 80 printed boldly on them.
  • If you are inviting guests, buy paper plates, cups, napkins, and tissues.
  • Place a center table and decorate with a vintage type tablecloth.
  • If the person loves flower, decorate the home with fresh flowers. You can put into display memorable photographs of the person. It will be great if you can manage to gather some of the person’s childhood photographs. You can also prepare a photograph collage and gift it to the person.
  • Birthday parties are incomplete without cake. Order a birthday cake well ahead of time. You can either go for the traditional cake designs or choose 80th birthday cake designs that are available in most of the reputed bakeries and cake shops.
  • Play the person’s favorite music to entertain your guests.
  • You can make the birthday celebration memorable by arranging different theme games, singing or dance competition among the guests. You can also ask the invitees to give a brief speech about the person.
  • Consider to put up a white board or keep a visitor’s book where guests can sign and write a few lines about the birthday boy/girl.
  • Why not arrange a special video show recapping the life of the person. This way you can add a nostalgic touch to the party.
  • A trivia or a board game can be another interesting activity for the guests. It will definitely bring back good memories and is sure to get a few stories started from the era when the person was growing up.
  • If you have a good collection of your loved one’s childhood photographs, get them scanned. Arrange a projector and you can create a special slide show for the guests.
  • Do you remember any recipes that the birthday honoree’s mother used to make? Surprise him/her by preparing that special dish for your relative and your guests.

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