Recycling craft is always fun, not to mention amazingly eco-friendly. Hop on to this article and learn a few tricks of the trade.

Recycled Coasters Ideas

The world is slowly transforming into a planet of garbage. What hurts the most is that the contributors of this abysmal vision are none other than the inhabitants of the world. Yes- Us! Despite overwhelming efforts to recompense, the trauma never ends. For every person that plants trees, there might be a million substituting fresh air with an array of upsetting monoxides as they nonchalantly shift gears and exhale more monoxides through puckered lips. Moreover, the litter strewn across streets and parks shatters blissful memories and deletes beauty from our dictionary. However, there is one way by which you could lend a helping hand, and if you inculcate this habit amongst other households, you might be doing the world a grand favour. Do you callously toss away beer bottle caps, magazines or plastic utensils without ensuring that they’re properly recycled and do not pose any sort of threat to the environment. Doesn’t recycled crafting sound like fun? They make for fantastic decorating items. Why waste money on things that you can make and flaunt your artistic skills with? Besides, recycled crafting is one of the best ways to promote the “Go Green” theme. Follow this article to pick up some enlightening recycled coasters ideas.

Ideas For Recycled Coasters

Beer Coaster

  • Beer Bottle Caps
  • Sheets of thin Cork Board
  • Glue
  • Square Coasters / pieces of Wood
  • Felt 
  • Determine the number of coasters you intend on making before buying all the supplies.
  • Start with the base of your coaster. Look for old squared tumbled tiles.
  • Cut out squares from the thin cork sheets that you can pick up from any office supply stores. Make sure that you cut them in proportion to the dimensions of the base of the coaster. If they aren’t similar in size, one might overlap the other.
  • Glue the sheets of cork to the top of your coaster's base.
  • Later, collect all the used beer bottle caps and line them up in a suitable pattern. Glue them down in rows along the base or whichever way you deem fashionable. However, ensure that all the caps are uniform in size and will hold the glass firmly.
  • To avoid the coasters from scratching table surfaces, cut out the felt and glue it to the bottom. This is indeed very effective!
  • Don’t rush! Wait for the beer bottle caps to dry before you start using the coasters. Once you do flaunt them to guests, you’d be basking in self-satisfaction and relieved that you didn’t add to the garbage.   

Plastic Cup Coasters 

  • Plastic cups
  • Permanent markers
  • Cookie sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Drinking glass with a wide, flat bottom
  • Oven
  • Firstly, preheat your oven to about 250 degrees F.
  • Decorate your cup with your permanent marker. Sketch a few eye-catchy designs.
  • Place parchment paper over your cookie sheet and the decorated cup upside-down on this covered cookie sheet.
  • Place all of the above into the oven.
  • Keep a close eye on the coaster as you wait for it to melt properly. It should take roughly about three to four minutes!
  • Once the melting process begins, you will see it lean towards its centre point and shrivel. It’s a fascinating sight! Wait for it to melt until it is completely flat and parallel to the cookie sheet. It should be wavy, but without any domes left! 
  • The moment you take the coaster out of the oven, press the bottom of the drinking glass straight into the centre of the coaster while it is still hot. Make it nice and flat! Push with slight strength and hold your position till it cools down.
  • Never release the cup while it is still warm for it can warp again as it cools!
  • Voila! You now have a brand new coaster!

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