Instead of throwing your empty plastic bottles into trash, recycle them into creative crafts. Explore this article to find different ideas for crafts using recycled plastic bottles.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Crafts Ideas

Plastic bottles have become an inseparable part of our lives. They are a common household item used for storing water, drinks, eatables and other necessities. Post usage, there are innumerable bottles that we throw out into garbage, thereby causing pollution. While purchasing plastic bottles cannot be avoided, they can be recycled into various fun crafts, thus minimizing the harm caused to the environment. Moreover, kids will love getting engaged in such activities as these crafts would force them to use their imagination and creativity to come up with new ideas for utilizing these plastic bottles. Then why not give life to your plastic bottles by recycling them into some fun crafts, thereby turning the trash into treasure. Check out the following simple and easy-to-make crafts and have a pleasurable time creating them.
Crafts Using Recycled Plastic Bottles
Napkin Rings
Give your used plastic bottle a fresh life by converting it into decorative napkin rings. Cut ½-inch tall circles from the center of a clean, dry plastic bottle using a knife or scissors. Cover each ring with acrylic yarn. You can either simply cover the yarn around the plastic ring or create an attractive pattern if you know how to knit or crochet. Plastic napkin rings are flexible, machine washable and make great gifts as well.
Pencil Cups
Make cute and good-looking holders for your pens and pencils. Take a clean, dry plastic bottle and cut the top with the help of sharp scissors or a craft knife. Get a gorgeous colored or patterned fabric from a craft store and stick it to the outside of the bottle, using polyvinyl craft glue. Make sure that the piece of fabric you choose is large enough to cover the entire bottle. Leave an inch of fabric protruding from the top of the bottle. Fold and carefully glue the fabric towards the inside of the bottle. Set the bottle aside allowing the glue to dry completely. Thereafter, decorate and beautify your pencil cup using fabric paints, rhinestones or glitter.
Seed Starter
Teach your kids the phenomenon of life with the help of growing seeds. Purchase seeds that you would want to grow. Color the bottom half of the bottle using paints and markers. Fill the bottle half way up with dirt. Add some water to moist the dirt. Using a pencil, make a hole in the dirt by slightly inserting it into the bottle. Scatter a few seeds into the hole created. Sprinkle some more dirt over the seeds and add more water. Place the bottle under sunlight at a window sill. Let your kids enjoy the germination process.
Piggy Bank
Slit the top part of the bottle and decorate it with plastic paints. Alternately, you can lightly sand the bottle and use your regular acrylic paints to beautify your bottle. Also, give fabric a chance to embellish your piggy bank. Mix white craft glue with a little water and dip strips of fabric into the glue. Place these strips onto the bottle in creative patterns, allowing them to dry. Allow your kids to decorate these plastic bottles, as children are creative in finding innovative ways of doing such things.
Decorative Flowers
From the bottom of a plastic bottle, cut the grooves in one piece resembling a flower. Make holes using a punching machine or insert a hot needle into the bottle. Collect some string, fishing line, dental floss, or metal craft rings. Pass the string through the holes and tie them together. Here you have a fresh piece of decoration. Use it as a wall hanging, doorway curtain or privacy blinds for your window. Alternately, you can make holes in the center of the bottle grooves and insert LED into each one of them. Voila! You have pretty flower lights to show off. Give them different effects and colors by spray painting with assorted colors. Lighted flowers make great doorway hangers.

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