Before throwing your cans into garbage, think about the different recycled can crafts that you can create with them. With this article, find ideas for making some innovative recycled can art.

Recycled Can Art Ideas

Did you ever think of transforming wasteful litter into some eco-friendly art that can be used for various useful purposes? Probably not! One of the most widely used materials for storing and transporting eatables, cans are found almost everywhere and don’t seem to get over. Right from coffee cans to vegetable cans to aerated drinks, cans have become a part of our lives. While the use of cans cannot be avoided, why not help and save the environment by recycling these otherwise waste materials into useful and handy crafts? With numerous ways of making creative crafts, these activities can be a meaningful lesson for kids to reuse trash instead of throwing them into a recycling bin. Read through the following lines to find ideas for making crafts using recycled cans. Take a look!
Recycled Can Crafts
Gift Holders
Create an innovative reusable gift holder with an empty canister. You can use this to gift treats, candies, artwork, or letters. For this, you will require a clean and empty canister with its lid, card stock, glue, ribbon, and construction paper. Remove the lid of the canister and cover the can with colorful construction paper using glue. Using different colored cardstock, decorate the canister in assorted shapes and elements. Leave the canister to dry out completely. Put in your gift into the canister and secure the lid. Trace out a circle measuring 3 inches wider than the lid on a piece of wrapping paper. Add a dab of glue on the lid and scrunch the paper over the lid to give it an artistic look. Finish off by tying a pretty ribbon bow around the lid.
Wind Sock
To make this craft, you will need a tin can, crepe paper, masking or duct tape, and string or yarn. Start off with punching two holes at the bottom of the tin can directly opposite to each other using a hammer and nail. For this, you will need an adult’s help. With different color paints, color the can in assorted designs. Cut out 5-6 pieces of crepe paper measuring 2 inches wide and 24 inches long. Glue the crepe paper to the inside of the top edge of the tin can covering the entire rim. You can either keep the crepe pieces adjacent or overlap them for a more colorful result. Thread a piece of string, about 20 inches long, through the holes you had punched. Tie the string and your wind sock is ready to be suspended.
Tin Can Lantern
Collect tin cans, universal oil-based primer, oil-based enamel paint, pin hammer, nail, 4-6 inches galvanized wire, pliers, and candle to prepare this attractive craft. Begin by soaking the can in hot, soapy water to remove the label and glue thoroughly. Remove the can from the water and wipe it dry. Add a coat of primer and leave it for drying. Next, apply a coat of enamel paint and let it dry. Fill the can with water and freeze it until solid. Remove the can from the freezer and punch out holes in the can using hammer and nail. Freezing is essentially done to make the can tough so that there is no dent while you punch a hole in it. In case the ice melts in the process, don’t worry. Just clean up the watery mess and continue with the adornment. Using your creativity and imagination, create freehand designs all around the can. Make a handle on the top of the can by punching two holes opposite each other. Attach the can to the wire using pliers and secure it tightly. Place a candle in the can and light it to see the illuminating effects it creates.

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