Turn raw materials like paper, magazines and newspaper into useful and beautiful crafts. Explore this article to know easy art ideas using recycled paper.

Recycled Paper Art

Wondering what to do with that leaning tower of old magazines and newspapers that can tumble down at any moment? Also, while opening gifts at a birthday party, holiday event or wedding reception sound very exciting, but what to do with those scores of shiny wrapping paper lurking around? Look no further. There are oodles of creative ideas for reusing these magazines and papers, and converting them into something useful and wonderful. In these green times, while recycling is a helpful choice, not many recycling programs accept wrapping paper; hence, they are left unattended only to land in a garbage bin. Further, you never know when these old and useless papers can spice up your wardrobe giving you umpteen options to beautify yourself and your home. Read further to find recycled paper art and craft ideas.
Recycled Paper Crafts
Recycled Paper Necklace
Fun and interesting, you will love the necklace that you have created at the end of this activity. Tear some 10-12 sheets from a colorful magazine and fold them into strips. In case you want your necklace to be a little larger, pull out more sheets. Glue or staple all the strips together to form a long line. Wrap the strips around a pencil till you get a thick spiral. Use glue and water solution, modge podge, or a stick solution to paint the glue all over the spiral, so that the strips hold on together. Remove your pencil in case you feel that it will hold on to the strips, along with the glue. However, make sure that the hole is not clogged up. Allow the pendant to dry completely. Take a long thick string and pass it through the hole. Tie a neat knot at the pendant and you have a beautiful recycled necklace to sport.
Recycled Paper Bookmark
Instead of getting bookmarks from libraries and bookstores, make an incredibly interesting one that will relieve you from boredom and give you a break from reading. For this, you will require wrapping paper, cardstock or cardboard, scissors, glue or clear packing tape, punching machine, and decorative items, such as stickers, photos, yarn, etc. Found in different sizes and shapes, you can make bookmarks measuring different lengths. However, the standard bookmark size is 2 by 6 inches or 2 by 7 inches. Nonetheless, let your creativity run and make various square shaped or wavy S-shaped bookmarks. Sketch out the bookmark shape onto a cardboard and cut it. Fold the wrapping paper over the bookmark and cut it out, leaving a little extra in case you commit any mistake. Wrap the paper over the bookmark or glue it on both sides. To preserve the integrity of the bookmark, laminate it with clear packing tape. Beautify it using different decorative, if you desire.
Recycled Paper Bows
Get hold of colored or wrapping paper, tape, and stapler to make simple or fancy bows. Cut a piece of paper about the size of a standard printer paper. Cut out three long, thin strips lengthwise. Make a loop by joining both the ends of a strip together and glue them. Repeat with the second strip. Join both the pieces together and tap their ends to form the top of the bow. Cut the third strips into half. Tape each of the strips on top of the bows such that they appear as ribbons coming out from the bottom. Cut a small strip of paper and make a ring at the center of the bow. Make a ring from tape and secure the paper ring on the bow.

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