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Facts About Tea

Tea is the most popular beverage around the world. Starting your day with a cup of hot steaming tea makes you refreshing and energetic. Just the aroma of the tea stimulates your senses. The health benefits of tea are enormous. Tea leaves are rich in natural flavonoids which are plant derived antioxidants. These flavonoids help eliminate free radicals from the body. These free radical molecules are responsible for causing cancer, aging, and other physical ailments. Tea is of different varieties; the three most common varieties are green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. Although all of them come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, their processing are different and thus, their chemical content and flavor are also different. While black tea is processed by oxidation and fermentation, green tea leaves are steamed before they are dried. No fermentation process is involved in processing green tea, which helps retain their green color. Oolong tea is semi-fermented. To know more such interesting facts about tea, just scroll down.
Interesting Tea Facts 
  • China is the birthplace of tea. The country produces some of the best varieties of tea.
  • Japan has an interesting tea culture. The two most famous Japanese tea varieties are “sencha” and “gyokuro”.
  • India is the highest tea producer in the world. The two most popular varieties are Darjeeling tea and Assam tea.
  • Tea grown in Darjeeling is popular around the world for its rich aroma while the Assam tea variety is known for its liquor.
  • Tea tasting is a critical job that involves all the senses – visual, taste, touch, and smell.
  • Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world.
  • Tea has been a favorite beverage of man for over five thousand years.
  • A cup of tea can boost your immune system.
  • Green tea is recommended to dieters who wish to shed a few extra pounds.
  • Tea is known to help in absorption of iron from fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Freshly brewed tea is rich in catechins and other flavonoids.
  • Ice tea and lemon tea are refreshing during the summer months along with other health benefits.
  • Some research studies have provided evidence that tea has a cancer fighting property.
  • All varieties of tea come from the same plant. The color of the tea depends on the processing method.
  • Although tea is native to Southeast Asia, it is grown in other countries as well.
  • Tea helps removing food odors from hands.
  • Studies show men who have been drinking green tea for long, have very low chances of developing prostate cancer.
  • Tea helps soothe burns. Apply wet tea bags on the affected area for instant relief.
  • Wet tea bags or tea compress is a great home remedy to treat puffy eyes. Just lie down in supine position with eyes closed and apply moist tea bags on both eyes for 20 minutes. You will be amazed to see the immediate result.
  • Black tea bags are also effective to treat plantar warts. Black tea is rich in tannin. The acidic nature of tannin is highly effective in removing plantar warts. Apply wet tea bags on the warts three times daily, and soon the wart will shrink and disappear.
  • The taste of the tea depends largely on the taste of the water and the steeping time of the tea.
  • Full black leaves should be soaked up for four to five minutes while delicate green leaves should not be steeped for more than three minutes.

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