Ruby is one of the world’s most beautiful and precious stones. Read the article to explore some interesting and fun facts about rubies.

Interesting Facts About Rubies

If stones could tell stories, then ruby would have, perhaps, been one of the greatest storytellers. For example, it could tell you many folklores that have been associated with it since times immemorial. One such lore goes that you can predict success in money and love, if you dream of rubies. Numerous people believe that if you are wearing a ruby and it grows darker, you are in mortal danger. Also, if you wear a ruby, you can live in peace, even amongst enemies. Whatever be the myths and stories, one thing that is certain is that after diamond, rubies have held the imagination of a man the most. Their bright red color makes them one of the most eye-catching decorative gems. Kings and princes of yore were known for their almost fetish desire for this gem. They had them encrusted in their crowns, daggers handles, shoes, necklaces, and so on. Since ruby is believed to have ‘magical powers’, it is often regarded as the ‘queen of jewels’. Read on to learn some more interesting facts about rubies.
Fun Facts About A Ruby
  • The word ruby comes from the Latin term rubens, which means red.
  • It is known as the stone of love. Earlier, women wearing rubies were thought to have been transformed into an aura of beauty.
  • Ruby is the third strongest stone in the world, after diamond and moissanite.
  • The best rubies are those that have a pigeon blood red color. However, rubies come in various shades of red, from light pinkish to maroon and even very dark red.
  • The finest rubies are the ones that are mined from Myanmar and till now, the country is one of the best sources of rubies.
  • The king of Burma (now Myanmar) was known as the ‘Lord of Rubies’, as he claimed all the rubies over 6 carats as his own.
  • People born in the month of July have ruby as their birth stone.
  • In the Bible, ruby is the most commonly named precious stone.
  • High ranking Chinese mandarins were given rubies, as they were thought to provide guidance and teaching.
  • The Burmese believe that if a soldier keeps a ruby under the skin, he will become invincible; while the Hebrews believed that if a dragon was carved on a ruby, it would bring prosperity and health.
  • Hindus believe that wearing a ruby protects them from their enemies.
  • There are hardly any perfect rubies, as almost all the rubies have flaws. Those rubies that are flawless are even more expensive than diamonds.
  • The American Museum of Natural History has the largest ruby in the world, which weighs around 4.6 grams.
  • The first synthetic ruby was made by Gaudin in 1837. He fused potassium alum with a little bit of chromium, at high temperature, to make the gem.
  • In 1960, Theodore Maiman created the first laser based on ruby.
  • Rubies belong to the gem family called conundrum. This family also contains sapphires. The only difference between the two stones is the presence of chromium oxide in rubies.
  • In ancient times, ruby stones were kept under a building foundation, to strengthen its structure.

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