This Valentine’s Day, bring the dawn, rather than a yawn into your relationship. Read further to find some great and fun Valentines Day celebration ideas.

Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

A yawn escapes as you find yourself all dressed in a fancy restaurant, with roses and a card in your hand. A bit weary after work, you wonder if the formality of celebrating your love on this particular day is really required. You could have snuggled up in home, close to each other, while watching your favorite romantic flick and enjoying a hot cuppa. Blind faith in formal Valentine’s Day celebrations and aggressive marketing on the part of corporate companies have commercialized the day beyond its meaning. Year after year, it is celebrated with the same monotonous color and very few shades of love. The word ‘love’ has been glorified and misused. Its meaning has become lost in the speed of modern ways, but the emotion thankfully still remains. Very few people nowadays go out of the way and make an effort to show their love to people they care for. Even if they do, it becomes quite impersonal and effortless, what with modern communication techniques like SMS, chat and email being used. Old school romancing and courting is no longer alive; rather a different form of virtual connection precedes it all. To be a class apart, you must be creative in finding unique and fun ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day. Find a few ideas shared further on, to make the day memorable for you and your beloved.
Great Valentines Day Celebration Ideas
  • Instead of standard roses or flowers, buy glow-in-dark roses. They may be expensive, but the money spent will surely be worth the deep smile on the lips of your beloved.
  • If you are selecting a perfume, try to find a place where they make customized perfumes or you could use natural ingredients to make one on your own. This will make a unique fragrance only for your loved one.
  • Buy tickets to your partner’s favorite game, concert or play. For once, be happy in what makes him/her happy.
  • Pretend as if it is going to be a no-fuss day and then plan a surprise dinner for your sweetheart, at home only.
  • Make a box of coupons that has chits listing what you will volunteer to do and things that your partner can ask of you, for each day of the year. Some ideas are, “I’ll do the dishes / cleaning for a week”, “I’ll give you a massage”, “you can ask for anything today”.
  • You can make personalized gifts - make a card, stitch a bag, create a video (you can make it naughty to spice it up), or even make a frame for a picture that you and your loved one treasure.
  • Go the old-fashioned way through and through. For instance, you could hire a chariot, wear a tuxedo, and serenade her as you take her for a dinner date.
  • At the restaurant, you can speak with the band in advance to play a live romantic piece of your partner’s choice. Or you could speak with the chef and request him to make a custom dish, which he could personally serve.
  • A fun Valentine’s Day gift could be a two-person toilet, TwoDaLoo. This will surely kick things off in your relationship. The couple that can take each other’s crap will surely have an everlasting relationship.

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