Why throw away that old pair of jeans when there are a thousand things that you can do with it? Read through this article for crafts on recycling jeans.

Recycled Jean Crafts

Most people when on a shopping spree or during a random visit to a mall, end up finding a pair of jeans that fits like a dream, and they feel their wardrobe would look like a joke if they don’t buy that. Giving into their impulses, they buy the pair of jeans, and wear it all the time, and everywhere they go, mostly because they’re way too much in love with it, and it seems so comfortable. Unfortunately, however, nothing in life is permanent, and the once new pair of jeans soon turns ghastly old. The jeans although really old, cannot be thrown out because, most often some clothes hold on a slice of the wearers emotion. This helps explain why almost everyone has at least one of pair of jeans that they don’t wear but refuse to discard. If you consider yourself to be one of those people who have myriad pairs of jeans gathering dust in the cupboard, then you must know that there are various ways in which you can make use of them. Such constructive crafts using your favorite jeans is the best way to recycle them and also clearing the cupboard of clutter. Here’s presenting few of the most creative and fun ways to use an old pair of jeans, as opposed to simply throwing them away. Read below to know more.
Crafts Ideas For Recycling Jeans
  • One of the most creative ways of using your old pair of jeans is to make stoppers for your doors. For this you will have to cut the leg part of your jeans, fill it up with old rags, and sew it up to resemble a stopper.
  • For a sturdy rug that is capable of standing up to the test of time, cut your jeans into as many strips as you need, and use these strips to weave or knit the rug. When cutting your jeans, make it a point to use a sharp pair of scissors.
  • With a sharp pair of scissors, cut several pairs of your old jeans into four inch squares, and sew them all together to make an extremely durable quilt. The four inch squares of jeans need not necessarily share a common color.
  • Get yourself some fabric, thick fabric at that. Rip off the rear pockets of your old jeans. Four to six pockets will do just fine. Sew these pockets onto the fabric with a colorful thread or a thread that matches the color of the fabric. Hang the fabric on a wall. You now have a funky and extensively useful organizer.
  • For a gadget holder with a difference, cut off the rear pocket of your jeans slowly and carefully with a pair of sharp scissors. You should cut the pocket along with the part of the jeans in which it is attached.
  • Noticed a tear in your favorite pair of jeans? Don’t fret. To mend the tear with minimum effort, simply cut a patch from an old pair of jeans, and sew it onto the tear. You will, however, have to make sure you coordinate the colors of the patch and your torn jeans. After all you don’t want your pair of jeans to resemble the pants of a clown.
  • Why have boring bulletin boards, when you can have one that’s dominated by denim? For that bulletin board with western panache, cut out enough denim from your old jeans and stitch it onto a bulletin board.
  • Dogs love toys and so do cats. If you have a pet dog or cat, get creative and sew up a few entertaining toys using your old jeans. If your pet tends to be a little too aggressive all the time, then sewing up a toy made out of your jeans can be considered a good idea.
  • For a long-lasting slip cover for your sofa, cut open and piece together the legs of at least three pairs of jeans. Here, you can feel free to use different colored jeans also.

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