Decorate your Christmas tree with tons of ornaments, presents, trinkets and more. Learn how to play Christmas tree decorating game and prepare your tree for a very Merry Christmas.

Christmas Tree Decorating Game

Games are always loved by young and old, at any time of the year. But when they are played during holidays, the fun and joy just doubles as you have lots of family members to join the merriment. With Christmas coming soon, you will have many family members turning up. So how about playing the Christmas tree decorating game! It is a fun-filled and enjoying activity organized to beautify the most attractive element of the festival - Christmas tree! This game can be played with any kind of Christmas tree, be it a blue spruce, a pine, or a fir tree. Festoon your tree with lights, ornaments, candy cones, popcorn and gingerbread and hooray! Your tree is ready to take its place and wait for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Find out how to play this exciting game by browsing through the following lines.
How To Play Christmas Tree Decorating Game
Gather Materials
Purchase two small or medium sized artificial Christmas trees to be decorated. Collect all other tree decorations, such as metallic garlands, string of lights, and other ornaments for the tree. You can choose the color scheme and types of decorations that you want your tree to be adorned with.
Form Teams
When it’s time to celebrate the Christmas party, divide the guests into two teams. Ensure that the teams are split fairly. For example, if there are kids, divide them equally amongst the two teams. Likewise, decorative and crafty members too should be split evenly. In short, the teams should be fair as much as possible.
Let’s Play
Announce the rules of the game to both the teams. Each team has to divide its members further into three groups, wherein each group will be performing one section of the Christmas tree decoration. As the whistle goes, the first group will run to the tree and hang the lights on the tree. They just do not have to throw the lights, instead they will have to neatly arrange and drape the lights. As they complete their task, they will come back and tag the second group.
Now, the second group moves to the tree and hangs the garland. Similar to the lights, this group will have to neatly hang the garland on the tree. Then, they will run back to the group and tag the third group. This final group will decorate the tree with the ornaments and trinkets so provided. As soon as they finish, they will run back to their group and yell out ‘Finished’. Make sure that you let the teams know that apart from the fastest time being counted, the neatness of the tree will also be taken into consideration in order to win the game.
Declare The Winners
As the judge of the game, you will have to see which team finished their task first while taking into account the best decorated Christmas tree. In case the fastest team has decorated their tree the best, then it is obvious that they have won the game. However, if the slower team has done a better job, you will have to decide on who should be declared champions. Hence, it is important that you emphasize the teams on giving their best in embellishing the tree.

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