Are you tired of your usual beverages and are looking for something different and refreshing? If yes, choose green tea. Explore this article to learn the different methods of making green tea.

How To Make Green Tea

Is it necessary for you to start your day with a cup of hot coffee or tea in order to make it stimulating and full of beans? Nevertheless, are you afraid of the ill effects of consuming caffeine? Why not shift to a beverage that will start your day with the same refreshment and energy, but without having any ill effects on your health? Green tea is one such beverage that apart from being refreshing and soothing, has multiple health benefits. Its heat is revitalizing, while its subtle taste blends well with your evening snacks in the similar way as coffee does. Originating from China, green tea is today quite popular in other parts of the world with more and more people shifting to this natural beverage that is jam-packed with health benefits. However, it requires some amount of patience and careful preparation to bring out the subtle flavour of green tea. Check out how to make green tea.

Green Tea Recipes

Green Tea With Tea Leaves
  • The first step towards making green tea is to decide upon the number of cups you would like to make. The ideal measurement for brewing is 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves for every cup of water. This will give you one cup of green tea.
  • Once the number of cups to be brewed has been decided, measure out the required amount of tea leaves and place it in the tea strainer or sieve.
  • Place the tea filled sieve on one side and fill a non-reactive pan with water and heat it up to 1800 F. You can make use of a candy thermometer in case you want to check the temperature from time to time.
  • Now place the filled tea sieve into an empty mug and pour in the hot water into the mug on top of the tea leaves.
  • Let the tea leaves absorb for 2-21/2 minutes in the water, but no longer, otherwise your tea will become bitter. Let the tea cool down for a minute and then enjoy a perfect cup of herbal green tea.


  • It is advisable to use filtered water to steep tea instead of tap water, especially if the tap water has a distinct smell or taste.
  • You can make use of a microwave to heat up the water to save some time.
  • It is better to get a hot- water dispenser installed in your kitchen if you are a regular green tea drinker. The dispenser will give perfect temperature for green tea.
  • You can make use of a glass coffee press or a glass mug in order to make your tea cool faster and also to reduce the bitter taste it gives.
  • If you want to reuse the tea leaves, plunge the tea strainer into a cup of ice water immediately after the steeping gets over. The amount of additional tea leaves which you will be able to collect depends upon the type of tea you are using.

Green Tea With Tea Bags
There are few people who like the taste of tea made with tea bags rather than tea leaves. Here is how to make green tea using green tea bags.

  • 1 Green Tea Bag
  • 1 mug of Water
  • Bring a bowl of water to boiling point and then let it cool for about 4 minutes under room temperature.
  • Now place the tea bag into the mug and pour hot water onto the tea bag. Let the tea bag steep for about 5-7 minutes in water before removing it.
  • After a few minutes, remove the tea bag and let the tea cool before enjoying the fresh flavour of the herbal tea.

Chinese Green Tea

Things You'll Need
  • Tea
  • Teapot
  • Kettle
  • Cups
  • Water just below the boiling point
  • Add the required amount of tea in the pot and pour in luke warm water over the tea leaves.
  • Leave the leaves in the water for some time and then pour out the water to wash the leaves.
  • Add some more water and wait for about 30 seconds or a minute before serving.

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