Women, being their natural, caring self, are more likely to care about leading an environment friendly lifestyle than men. Such women deserve eco friendly gifts.

Eco-Friendly Gifts For A Woman

You may consider your girl as the one who deserves the world. She is good looking, intelligent, hold her own against men and is a sensitive human being – so much so that she never endorses anything that is not environment friendly, stays away from plastic substances, uses only natural scents instead of the spray deodorants and stays away from most cosmetics that involve animal parts and generally evokes feelings of admiration and respect from you. So, would you ever do her the injustice (insult?) of gifting her something that harms the environment? Women, when they endorse a lifestyle, do not compromise on it or go back on their words. So it would be advisable to gift her something that is environment friendly. Here are some eco friendly gifts for aware, eco friendly woman of your dreams.
Green Gifts For Women
Here are some environment friendly gifts that you could gift a woman who wants to lead an eco friendly life: 

Organic Makeup
Herbal cosmetic and products are a huge rage these days and women who care about the environment lap up these products. They are often made from all natural products and extracted using natural processes, unlike many cosmetics that may demand the killing of animals like many aquatic fishes that are killed for the manufacture of lipstick. Eco friendly cosmetics will use natural products obtained from trees – like their flowers, roots, bark, fruit, leaves etc – to give products of higher quality that will be more gentle on the skin too. 

Recycled Paper Bags
Cards or paper bags that are made of recycled paper always look beautiful and will be an instant hit with the woman you wish to please. Paper bags that are made from recycled paper are often beautiful and handcrafted. They are sturdy and can be used again and again or used as a wonderful bag for someone’s birthday gift instead of a plastic gift wrapping paper, which is obviously not eco friendly. 

Jute Bags
Bags or jholas made from completely recycled material or natural materials like soft cotton and jute will be an excellent option too. These bags are often made by people who belong to tribal communities and are poor and come under the most neglected sections of the society. If you gift her a bag like this one, she will be happy for two reasons – for the fact that the bag is made from completely natural, biodegradable material and also because you helped one of the poorest and most neglected sections of Indian society. 

Potpourri is a collection of dried flowers leaves and other parts of plants that are fragrant and are used as a natural scent for homes. Many of the potpourri materials are also mosquito and moth repellants apart from being fragrance-emitting substances – like cedar, cypress, and juniper. These dried flowers and leaves are supposed to be put in a pot full of water and placed at strategic places all over the house. They emit natural fragrances and are definitely more eco-friendly as compared to aerosol room fresheners, which can easily burn a hole in the ozone layer and add fuel to the current problem of global warming. 

Terracotta Jewelry
Jewelry made from natural substances like terracotta is a better eco friendly gift option for woman of your dreams. Terracotta necklaces and earrings will prove to be an excellent accessory with traditional dresses and are made from completely natural substances. They are a better option as compared to plastic jewelry that are not environment friendly, or even jewelry made from metals other than gold and silver, which may even cause infections and bleeding in her earlobes.

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