For a woman, retirement can be made memorable by giving her wonderful retirement presents. Explore the article to know some unique retirement gifts for women.

Retirement Gifts For Women

Retirement signifies the end of your long association with an organization, your colleagues and last, but not the least, your work. It can be an emotional moment for any working person, let alone a working woman. Giving a retirement gift is a very sweet way to bid adieu to a working woman, as gifts are the flavor of every parting occasion. They are symptomatic of your love, respect and admiration for the receiver. Memorable gifts can, in fact, etch you into her memories for ever. Read the article for some wonderful retirement gift ideas for women.
Unique Retirement Presents For A Woman
Travel Voucher
A travel voucher to a nice, far-off place can be a wonderful retirement gift idea for a woman. She has undergone years of hard work and always had a dearth of time to relax and chill out. Retirement can be just be the perfect time for all her touring plans to materialize. Take care that the travel voucher includes air tickets, hotel bookings and all the other expenses, so that the trip doesn’t make a dent in her pocket.
Which woman on earth doesn’t love jewelry? If you don’t have pressing budgetary constraints, you can gift her jewelry made of precious stones. Pearl necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings can also be a good option. An antique jewelry box will also bring an instant smile on her face. If you have the budget, going for diamond or gold jewelry is not too bad either.
If the retiring lady loves to read, books of her choice can also be a nice gift option. Retirement is the time when one pursues one's hobbies. Post-retirement, she will have plenty of time to devote to reading as well. All those women who are voracious readers will be very happy on receiving books as gifts. However, do make sure to know her preferences and buy books accordingly.
Gift baskets
Giving a gift basket may sound like a common gift idea, but it can save you a lot of time deciding what should be given. Fill the basket with the goodies that she likes, right from gift certificates to recipe books. You can also put chocolates, books and varied items in the gift basket.
A glass memento, with a sweet poem engraved on it, can prove to be a memorable gift for a retiring woman, which she can keep as a souvenir throughout her life. It will keep reminding her of all the bitter sweet memories of her profession. You have the option of personalizing this memento, by engraving the name of the lady on it.
Funny Gifts
If you can't seem to settle on anything, go online for hilarious retirement sayings and quotes. You can also write a funny poem on your own, to keep it original and tag it with a bouquet. Funny gifts should be chosen with care. The humor should not be cheap or distasteful.
Exquisite crockery, like dinnerware, glassware and other kitchen items, can be a nice option. This is because almost all the women are fond of crockery and one more addition to their existing range of kitchen sets is always more than welcome.
Creative Gifts
Use your imagination and creativity for making a unique gift. If you know even a smattering of designing, go ahead and make a nice dress for the retiring women, so that she has something to remember of you, even after a long time. Other options include a paining, a hand-knitted scarf and even homemade mittens.

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