Your much loved colleague is retiring and you want the last day of work to be the best! Steal some of the retirement gag gifts mentioned in this article.

Retirement Gag Gifts

To every starting point, there has got to be a finish line. The finish line in the extensive race course of one’s career is what we conventionally label as ‘retirement’. Nothing lasts forever and retirement is a reiteration of that statement. The departure of a fun loving, respectable and trustworthy colleague is bound to be cause many heartbreaks in the respective office. Majority of the employers and colleagues would be in total favour of throwing the most memorable of farewell parties. All good things come to an end and it’s tough to pay tribute without shedding tears. However, party planners should know well enough to strike a balance between joy and sorrow, tears and laughter. After all, this day will be etched in the retiree’s memory for years to come. You wouldn’t want him or her to recall the last day at work as a sob fest, would you? What usually works like a charm is a retirement gag gift. Surprise the retiree with a mirth provoking token of appreciation. Run through a couple of personalized retirement gag gift ideas and send off your departing colleague with a good laugh! 

Funny Retirement Gifts

Cube Of Good Hope
Retirement closes many doors of pre-planned activities. With too much time on one’s hands, what does one do? You could make your soon-to-retire colleague’s future a whole lot easier by creating a die with multiple activity options. The die can be made of whatever crafty substance deemed suitable, as long as it rolls and lands on strictly one side. Be creative and brainstorm for activity options that the retiree enjoys. These could be- play cards, watch a movie, hunt for missing spectacles or bake lasagne. All the retiree has to do is roll it and do as the die instructs.  

Snooze Message Pad
One good thing about retirement is that you have all the time in the world to pursue an afternoon or evening siesta. There’s no limit to it! However, there might be times where somebody or you might want the retiree in forty winks. But what if the matter is not important enough to interrupt his or her endearing snooze session? The best solution would be to bequeath him or her with a message pad. The caretaker could simply jot down the message in brief - “The plumber will be at your doorstep un-clog your bathroom sink.” Customize to what is likely to tickle the retiree’s fancy.

Gag Retirement Gifts Basket
Buy a fancy basket and dump an assortment of cute little objects. Perhaps, each colleague could buy one interesting item that reflects the individual’s relationship with the retiree. Each of these will hold tremendous sentimental value in the long run. Such items may include a magnifying glass (to help him or her view text better) or balloons (to hold the hot air they’re composed of) or a bottle of wine to drown out all the woes of growing old. Even a jigsaw puzzle would be a good idea and will certainly keep the retiree occupied in moments of incurable boredom. You could drop in a T-shirt that reads- "You Can't Make Me, I'm Retired" printed in his or her favourite colour. 

Old Codger Merit Award
Who doesn’t like to showcase a framed certificate of appreciation on one’s wall? positioned directly under a bulb so that nobody could miss it? Commemorate your colleague's years of dedicated service to the company and say something like - "You deserve some recognition for making it this far!" Paste a caricature of the retiree at his or her office desk in the corner of the frame. 

Gag Eye Chart
As you grow older, the urgency to check your eyesight regularly increases exponentially. Ensure that your retiring colleague doesn’t forget to check whether his or her eyesight is intact or not. In the comfort of one’s home, one can ascertain whether or not eyes are still in a fantastic condition. Draw up a simple eye chart that can be easily pinned up on the wall. The retiree will definitely appreciate the gesture!

Retired Business Cards
This is a comforting memento which a retiree would want to store for the rest of his or her life. Design a business card that humorously states “Occupation: “Chilling” or “Relaxing”. Be careful not to cause any offence. Mention that since he or she is on the road to retirement, you thought that maintaining professional image is crucial. Hence, you took upon the responsibility to update his or her business card.

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