Kites are the flavor of all seasons and are loved by all and sundry. Read the article to know about the different types of kites.

Types Of Kites

Kites have been a source of entertainment since ages and continue to enthrall youngsters the same way till now. Kites come in different shapes and styles and offer a lot of variety to kite lovers to choose from. Kites have been famous even during the Second World War when they were used in boats and survival kits for the sailors. They used to serve rescue purposes as sailors flied kites as a signal, so that the rescue planes would spot the small ships in danger. The article comes up with an elaborate insight on the different style of kites. Read on to know the various types of kites.
Different Types Of Kites
The Box And The Wing-Boxed Kite
The box and wing-boxed kite are similar in appearance but they have different characteristics. The box kite consists of four main struts running horizontal and vertical pieces to form a rectangular shape.  These struts give balance to the kite's structure. Pieces running from edge to edge provide sturdiness to the kite which has been the reason for its popularity over the years. Then, the fabric is wrapped around the top and bottom of the box kite in such a way that it looks like two boxes have been attached to the main framework of the kite.  A string is added running from top to bottom and down to the main line. The winged box kite is built upon an already made box kite. Two triangles are added onto each of the long sides and the strings which control the kite run out from the edges, rather than the box.
The Delta Kite
Delta kites are triangular in shape. They are made upon a small framed structure and another small sized triangle is added to its tail in one single line. This small triangle is attached below the bigger one to give extra support to the main delta of the kite.
The Sled Kite
The structure of this kite is square in shape and two big sized triangles come out from its two sides. A string is attached to each side of the kite and then joined to the main line. It is very easy to control and manage this kite and it is, therefore immensely popular among the kids.
The Diamond Kite
As the name suggests, the diamond kite has a unique and classic design. The fabric to make the kite is given the shape of a diamond. To give a solid structure to the kite, pieces of wood and plastic are glued around the kite. Two lines, each from top and bottom run down to form single control line. Streamers are often attached to the diamond kite to provide stability to it.
The Power Kite
The shape of a power kite resembles a parachute in shape. Their only design is like a rectangular surface that makes for a great lift in the kite. There are lines at each end of this kite and therefore, it is easy to control. Power kites can be surfed on both land and water. The rider of the surfboard needs to hold on the power kite as he/she zips along under wind power.

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