Amongst the oldest and the most popular beverages, beer is consumed by majority of the people who drink alcohol. Check out information on different types and styles of beer.

Types Of Beer

Beer has been one of the most popular alcoholic beverages since a long time. It is amongst the oldest and the most consumed alcohol drinks in the whole world and continues to be a favorite of drinkers across the globe. Different styles of beer exist in the world, varying in terms of color, flavor, strength, ingredients, production method, recipe, history and origin. In fact, worldwide, there are almost 20000 beer brands, which are prepared in 180 different styles. Read on to find some of the popular types of beer.
Different Types Of Beer 
  • Lager – The word lager means ‘storage’ in German. Lager is made through the process of bottom fermenting, which produces a smoother, mellower beer. Lager beers are light in color, high in carbonation and tend to be less alcoholic than ales. Lagers are best served chilled.
  • Ale – Ales are complete opposite of Lagers, as they are made by yeast that rises to the top during fermentation. They have a lower amount of carbonation when compared to lagers and should be served at a warmer temperature. Strong ales should be served at room temperature.
  • Amber – Amber beers have a rich golden color to them and are prepared by adding specialty grains to ales or lager. They become full bodied because of such additions.
  • Bitter Beer – Bitters are pale in color and have a strong alcoholic taste in them. This beer is pretty dry and aromatic, mostly found in British Pubs.
  • Dark Beer – Dark beer, as the name suggests, is dark in color and gets that look when the barley is kilned for a long time. This also creates richer, deeper flavors from the roasted grain.
  • Fruit Beer – Fruit Beer is the one to which fruits are added, during the stage of primary fermentation or at later stages. It is usually made with berries, although other fruits can also be used.
  • India Pale Ale – Popularly called IPA, India Pale Ale was originally brewed in India and then ported to England. These beers have large quantities of hop, added as preservatives, to save the beer from deterioration during the long journey.
  • Porter Beer – Porter beers are very dark in color and bitter to taste. Such types of beer were produced in England, as nourishing drinks for people who earned their living from manual work.
  • Mild Beer – Mild beers were prepared as a sweeter and a cheaper substitute for darker ales and porters. These beers were a lot popular in the mid nineteenth century, but lost their popularity after that.
  • Pilsner – Originally formed in Czechoslovakia, Pilsner beer is pale in color and has a golden tinge. This beer is lighter to taste and has been a model for many of the other beers, which popped up after it. Pilsner beer is best served chilled.
  • Stout – Stout beer is very dark in color and heavy in content. It was invented by Guinness, as a variation of the traditional porter with roasted unmalted barley and, often, caramel malt or sugar as its content. It is best served at a cool temperature.
  • Wheat Beer – This German style beer is prepared from malted wheat, in addition to the barley used. Wheat beers were drunk ahead of Prohibition and are also produced by Americans. The latter are much less ‘spicier’ than their German counterparts.

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