There are different types of glassware available in the market to serve different types of beer. Learn more about varied beer glassware.

Beer Glassware

Beer glassware is referred to as the drinking vessel made of glass, which is used to serve beer. Though a number of people savor the drink enormously, they are not aware that different beer types are served in different types of glasses. The reason behind this is that different glasses compliment and accentuate different aspects of a specific beer, such as aroma, volatility, appearance, effect on the beer head, etc. So if you truly wish to relish your beer to its best, know the types of beer glassware and start having beer in the glass meant for it.
Types of Beer Glassware
  • White Beer Glass - White Beer Glass is used to serve wheat bear. The glass is taller than pint glass. It is narrow at the bottom and wider at the top, having enough space to hold foam or ‘head’. It is ideal for beers that produce thick and fluffy heads, trapping aroma and visually pleasing.
  • Pint Glass - Pint Glass is an imperial drinking vessel used for drinking beer. The pint glass is available in different shapes, such as conical, jug, and flared top. Pints are considered ideal for serving stouts, porters and English ales.
  • Pilsner Glass - Pilsner Glass is used to serve light beers. It is smaller in size than the pint glass and usually holds 250 to 330 ml liquid. This glass is tall, slender and tapered in shape. Pilsner glasses show the color and effervescence of beer, maintain a nice head and look attractive.
  • Beer Stein - Beer Stein glass is a traditional German beer tankard or mug, made from pewter, silver, porcelain, wood, earthenware or glass. It is usually aided with a hinged lid and levered thumblift. In the olden times, the lid was used to prevent diseased flies from getting into the beer.
  • Flute Glass - Flute Glass is the preferred serving vessel for Belgian lambics and fruit beers. It has a narrow shape that helps to maintain carbonation, while providing a strong aromatic front. Flute glasses exhibit the lively carbonation, sparkling color and soft lacing of the beer, making it look tempting.
  • Chalices and Goblets - Chalices and Goblets are large, stemmed and bowl-shaped, used for serving heavy Belgian ales, German bocks and other big sipping beers. Goblets are more delicate and thin, while the chalice is heavy and thick walled. Some chalices are even etched on the bottom to provide carbonation and a stream of bubbles, for maintaining a nice head.
  • Snifters - Snifters are used for serving brandy and cognac. In addition, they are ideal for confining the volatiles of aromatic beers, such as Belgian ales, India pale ales, barley wines and wheat wines. Apart from trapping the volatiles, their shape allows to swirl and agitate the beer, thereby producing an intense aroma.
  • Tulip Glass - Tulip glass makes the beer look attractive. It helps to trap the aroma and also maintains large heads, providing the drinker an olfactory sensation. The shape of tulip glass is bulbous and is recommended for serving Scottish ales, barley wines, Belgian ales and other aromatic beers.

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