Children love birthday party favors and handmade ones make them feel all the more special. Look out for some interesting homemade kids’ birthday party favor ideas.

Homemade Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Kids love to get favors in a birthday party. The idea of seeing some other kid get all the presents is a bit depressing for a child. This is why party favors are a big hit, as they make each child feel special. Party favors for a kids birthday party need to be creative and innovative in content. If you want to give each child a taste of your creativity, then homemade favors for your children’s birthday party are the best way. They would show that extra effort which you have put in to make the party a success, instead of buying something from the market and gifting the same. Read further to know about some easy to make handmade favors for kids’ birthday party.
Homemade Kids Birthday Party Favor Ideas
Birthday cookies
Cookies are a great way to impress the kids. While making cookies, you can look for various options, like chocolate, vanilla, dry fruit or even nut cookies. Bake the cookies in various shapes, like sun, star, moon, diamond, square, etc. You can even get designer moulds from the market which have cartoon designs on them. However, just baking would not do the trick. You must pack the cookies in interesting boxes too. Resort to handmade boxes and decorate them with lots of colors and stickers, for that final touch.
Surprise Goodie Bag
Surprise goodie bags could surprise even the wittiest kid present at the party. The curiosity raised about the contents of the bag would make your favor a big hit. The first thing for a surprise goodie bag is the bag alone. You must prepare the bag using colorful paper. The handle can be made using colorful threads, which are a bit thick and can withstand the content of the bag. As for the contents of goodie bag, you can go in for some tiny notepad, paper flowers, decorated cardboard coaster, etc. You can even put a bag of cookies inside it.
Personalized Magnets
Personalized magnets provide an excellent option for birthday party favors. They can be used as stick-ons for the refrigerator or can be stuck to the cabinet in the room. Personalized magnets are easy to make as all you have to do is add a little message or the name of the child, to keep it for future remembrance. Such gifts have a longer durability and they would remain imprinted on the minds of the receiver. Personalized magnets would serve a dual purpose - working as a party favor and also as an item of usage, in day to day lives.
Compile a CD
Almost all the kids love to listen to music and dance. Compile a CD with songs that would make kids tap their feet to the rhythm of the beat. You can also take care to put in songs which would make the kids learn, while they listen to the music. Put CD in a case, with colorful stickers adorning it. The CD will serve as a perfect remembrance of the mood of the party. Every time children will listen to it, they would be reminded of the great party they had attended.

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