Face painting allows children to have that extra curve of smile on their faces. They love the riot of colors on their faces. Look here for some of the easy face painting ideas for kids!

Face Painting Ideas For Kids

Kids love to get their face painted and what better way to take them to a fancy dress party, than with painting done on their face. Face painting is an art that allows you to be creative. Children love colors and a riot of colors on their faces makes them have a broader smile on their face. Designs basically depend on your artistic confidence and capability. The range of face painting designs is unlimited, right from simple designs to complex ones. Though face painting is a fun activity, one should also be cautious enough to adhere to materials that do not cause skin irritation and allergies. At the same time, do not use glitters around the eyes, as it may cause harm to the kids. Listed below are some easy and very interesting face-painting ideas you can retort to, when you throw a party for the children.
Face Painting Ideas for Kids
Butterflies are one of the most beautiful looking insects around. You can choose to draw a small butterfly on the cheek or a big one, which would cover the whole face. Draw a thin black outline of the butterfly. The butterfly allows you to choose varied colors options. Make the feathers colorful, but do not make it messy. Paint the body black and remember the two fetters. Use a little bit of glitter on the wings of the butterfly.
Flowers are amongst the most common face painting ideas. Make a choice first, as to which flower you want to paint. Draw the outline of the flower you want to make, with the same color the flower actually looks like. Fill in the insides but do not give a single color. Try to give shades of light and dark to it. Flowers look best without the branch. Try to avoid it, unless the kids want it.
Ghosts are the easiest to make. The basic shape of a ghost is a triangle. Draw a triangle and paint it white. Then use black paint to draw two dots as the eyes and a faint smile. The ghost is complete.
Candy Corn
If you want to go in for a ‘sweet’ look for the kids, candy corn is the best bet. Draw a pyramid and divide into three parts. Fill with yellow color on the bottom, orange on the middle and white at the peak. You can create a candy corn crown, by painting the candies in succession, along the forehead.
Clowns are synonymous with laughter. Draw a clown with a round face and a long triangular hat. Paint the base white. Use different colors for the hat, making it colorful and bright. Paint the cheeks, nose and the lips in dark red. Draw big eyes and paint them black.
Bunny rabbits are the cutest cartoon characters around. At the same time, they are easy to make also. Draw a round, but a long face and paint it yellow. Keep the face a little bloated. Paint the eyes and nose black and draw a big smile. Your cute comic character is ready.

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