Face painting is a great way to give vent to your creative prowess. In this article, we have provided ideas and helpful tips for face painting for beginners.

Face Painting Ideas For Beginners

Do you want to indulge in something that is both creative and interesting? If yes, then face painting is a perfect alternative. It explores your ingenious skills, at minimal costs. All you need to do is bring out the artist in you and paint the canvas - the canvas here being the face of a person. Face painting is gaining immense popularity - Halloween being a perfect example of this. Almost everyone gets his/her face painted during Halloween. If you too want to display your creative powers, get started by learning the art of face painting. A reading of the article will load you with lots of face painting ideas for beginners.
Face Painting Designs For Beginners
One of the most beautiful insects ever known to human race, butterfly is a great face painting design as well. The best feature of this design is that it is colorful, vibrant and lively. For painting the butterfly, start by marking the outline. Make sure you use bright colors such as red, pink and green for the wings. As for the body, use tints of brown and black.  
In case you are looking for a design that it simple yet interesting, go for the starry effect. The best thing about the design is that you do not need to get too hassled or worked out. You can use blue, silver and white to paint lively stars on the face of your subject. For those who want to increase the level of difficulty, starry sky is a great option. In this design, you need to paint the face in such a way that it looks like a sky!!
The easiest amongst the lot is painting the face to display a pumpkin. Though it sounds hilarious (imagine being called pumpkin), it can be very impressive, if painted well. All you need is paint the face in bright orange. Now, paint the mouth, eyes and nose in black. As for the final touch, border the outline with grey. Pumpkin would be a great design for Halloween as well. So, just pick up the brush and start painting one of the most intriguing faces!!
In case you are fond of scary stuff or want a design that you can sport in Halloween, skeleton would make as a killing choice. It’s scary, horrifying, daunting and intimidating. You can either paint a skull on the face or go for a skeleton. Whatever it is, make sure it looks horrid. Remember, the more horrid it appears, the better would be your success ratio.
One of the most popular face painting ideas is that of a clown. All you need is a little bit of patience and supplies of red, white, green and black paint. To make an impressive clown face painting, you need to keep in mind the following thing - extend the mouth with red paint, giving a white and black outline. The second thing is to enlarge the eyes, using white, green and black. There you go!!! You would have a personalized clown, filling your days with joys and laughter.
  • Make sure that you start with a thin layer of paint. A thick layer would cause caking, thereby spoiling the design.
  • Do not hurry. Allow the first coat of paint to dry up completely, before applying a second one.
  • Using make-up pencil todraw the outlines of different shapes is always preferable.
  • Since you are a beginner at the art, make use of tattoos and stamps to accentuate the design.
  • Do not practice it on younger children, as they have sensitive skin. Also, young children have low attention span, which would make painting cumbersome. Get hold of an adult, if you want to indulge in face painting.
  • Remember, practice makes you perfect. It is almost impossible to get it right in the first go. So, keep on painting till you master the art.
  • Do not forget to click a snap of the face that you have painted!!!

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