Dry white wine is available in many varieties throughout the world. Go through this article, to get comprehensive info about the popular types of dry white wines.

Dry White Wine Varieties

Do you want to know about the dry white wine varieties? If yes, then this article is well worth a watch. Dry white wine is one of the most popular types of wine in Europe. However, the wine type has many myths associated with it. One of these myths is that they are white in color. Contradictorily, white wines are yellowish in color. They are smoother in texture and much more delicate than the red wine. In case of the dry variety of white wines, there is another interesting characteristic i.e. there is an absence of a sweet taste in them, which is why they are attributed as ‘dry’. To get detailed information on the different varieties of dry white wine, browse through the following lines.
Types Of Dry White Wines
Wine aficionados would agree that sauterne wines are, by far, the best variety when it comes to dry white wine. Named after the Sauterne district in France, the wines available herein are excellent, ‘Chateau Yquem’ being the queen among them. Apart from the Sauterne district, the wine is also produced in Livermore valley, California. The alcohol content in this wine ranges from twelve to fourteen percent.The best feature about sauterne wines is that they are available in a wide range - right from being very sweet to slightly sweet to extremely dry. Sweet Sauterne has a syrupy flavor and is light amber in color, making it a popular option among women.Traditionally, Sauterne is served cold.
Chablis is one of the finest dry wine varieties, owing its origin to the Chablis district in France. Since the region is extremely small in terms of size, the wine produced is also less in quantity. This is the main reason as to why Chablis is an extremely expensive wine. Another important reason for its dearness is that the wine is seasonal and produced only at a certain time of the year. Chablis wine is primarily made with Golden Chasselas and Burger grapes, grown in the coast counties, principally Napa and Sonoma counties. The wine has a delicate straw color and is best served when chilled.
Produced in the Rheingau, Rheinhessen and Rheinpfalz districts of Germany, Riesling is a popular dry white wine variety. The variety is also known as Hock wine in California. Talking about their make, Riesling is made by fermenting the juices of the Johannisberger, Franken or Grey type of grapes, without the presence of skins or meat. A perfect Riesling would be one that has a slightly greenish amber cast of color, tipped along with a smooth acid tartness. The wine boasts of a typical aroma that is characteristic of the best German white wines. Like other dry white wines, Riesling is also best served when cold.
Moselle is the most delicate German dry white wine. It is named after a river, which extends from Coblenz to Treves in Germany. Pale in color, the wine has a flower-scented aroma. The two main characteristic of Moselle is that it has fresh acid and is low in terms of alcoholic content, which makes it an extremely light wine. Moselle can be easily digested and is particularly suited for those who like to age their wine over the years. The California Moselle wine variety is made by blending Riesling with the Traminer. Moselle, too, is great when served chilled.
Originating in Burgundy district of France, Chardonnay is one of the most popular dry white wine varieties. The best feature about the wine is that it is versatile and can be grown successfully in most viticulture areas, under varied climatic conditions. Unlike other white wines, Chardonnay has a velvety and rich citrus flavor, mainly of lemon or grapefruit. The Californian Chardonnay variety, though, can taste absolutely different. While the citrus flavor remains predominant, there may be hints of melon, vanilla, some toasty character and some creaminess. Chardonnay is also best served cold.
Gewurztraminer is one of the dry white wine varieties boasting of an aromatic flavor. The wine is best produced in Alsace, Germany, the West Coast of USA and New York. Typically, Gewurztraminer has a fruity flavor, with aromas of rose petal, peach, lychee and allspice.
Though Muscat has a name that resembles the Muscadet wine, the two wine types bear no likeness when it comes to taste. An interesting feature about the wine is that it is made up of a family of grapes, rather than a single variety. The dry white wine has a sweet and fruity taste and a characteristic grape fruit and musky aroma.
Sauvignon Blanc
Originating from Bordeaux, the wine region of France, Sauvignon Blanc is a dry white wine variety boasting of a clean and crisp tasting. The wine has an herbal character that feels like bell pepper or freshly mown grass. Sour green fruits, like apple, pear and gooseberries, form the dominating flavors of this type of white wine. The un-oaked variety of Sauvignon Blanc has smoky qualities, tagged along with bright aromas and a strong acid finish.
Pinot Grigo
Extensively grown in Italy, the Pinot grigo white wine variety is produced in the Venezia and Alto-Aldine regions of Italy. Different regions have different names for this wine type. While it is known as malvoisie in the Loire Valley, in Austria and Germany, the wine is popularly called Rulander or Grauer Burgunder. The pinot grigo is also grown in the West Coast of America. The typical taste of this type of dry white wine is crisp, with good acid 'bite'. Pinot grigo has an aromatic fruity flavor, which improves with time.

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